Even more too good to be true than you thought?

We are not stupid, we know that celebs are airbrushed within an inch of their lives for magazine interviews, advertising campaigns etc etc  It’s common knowledge.  However, did you know that some looks actually require months of planning and can involve a team of up to 30 people???????????  Stylists, beauticians, hairdressers, dieticians, plastic surgeons ….. the list goes on and on.  Just imagine how God dam fantastic YOU would look with a quarter of these experts working on making you camera ready!

Interested in a mini eye/brow lift?  Then look no further and book an appointment with Alterna Haircare because they sew a patch of lace into tight pin-curls using nylon curls, which helps lift the brows and smooth wrinkles around the eyes.  ‘Then we top it with a $7,000 wig and no one knows our little secret!’ says Global Creative Director at Alterna, Michael Shaun Corby.

Think tape is only used for DIY purposes?  Think again!!  Double-stick tape is a stylist’s No. 1 tool which helps disguise panty lines in a very revealing dress and is even used to tighten skin on certain areas of the body!  Who knew!

Another wince at the sound of it procedure that I believe is very popular before red carpet events is to have Botox injected ……. into the forehead I hear you say!  Well yes, but also into the armpits to reduce sweating and even EEK into the soles of the feet to alleviate pain from those Jimmy Choos.

As I said at the very beginning, we are not fooled easily and can recognise a photoshopped pure white eyeball when we see one, but for some reason unknown to man, we still try to emulate these “fake and unachievable” looks! We still beat ourselves up that we’re not a size zero.  We still continue to stuff our bodies into spanx, boobs into wonder bras and feet into sky scrapper heels just look slimmer, bustier and taller.  All in the hope of achieving that “photoshopped look” which is unrealistic and doesn’t exist!

Why oh why do we torture ourselves.  When will we begin to love ourselves for the wonderful women that we are?  Sure, of course we can admire from afar when we see beauty but leave it at that and not begin to compare and contrasts thigh gaps, ‘ribbage’ (when ribs can be seen through the skin, apparently!) and any more of these bizarre, obscene and ridiculous phrases being used at the moment.

Love yourself.  If you don’t, how can you expect someone else to love you?

These Belle Dress Hire customers prove that you don’t need a squad of professionals working on you day and night!  All you need is an awesome dress and a lick of tan to look absolutely stunning …

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