Coachella Craziness!!

After attending a few Festivals myself such as Electric Picnic and EDC Las Vegas, I know the value of proper attire and footwear at these events.  I understand that celebrities do not often live on the same planet as ourselves when fashion comes into play but I have to say I was disturbed when I saw the latest pics from Coachella 2014!

Kylie and Kendall Jenner.  Where to start.  They looked ridiculous.  Completely over accessorised and WAY TOO MUCH MAKE UP KYLIE!  This girl is just 16 years old.  She does not need to wear this amount of make up on an ordinary day let alone a 3 day music festival!

Vanessa Hudgens who is normally the QUEEN of boho chic was I’m afraid to say, somewhat on and off at this year’s event ..Festival attire is supposed to look effortless, free, comfortable … Vanessa doesn’t look any of the things in any of her outfits.

Step forward, Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio.  She was looking mighty fine as always!  Shorty shorts to show off the tanned pins …. check ….. trendy hat to cover slightly greasy hair …. check … minimal to no make up with a rosy flush from dancing …. check … totally practical yet stylish high tops … check!  Love her.

And doing it for the men, I give you …. Jared Leto.  Rocking a totally, fantastic Festival/Rocker look.  I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you gotta say he does look cool!  He doesn’t seem to be posing for the camera’s, but actually appears to be having a great time and so he should in that outfit.  Good for you Jared!



Ladies, remember when tanning for an event …..


It simply can ruin a dress, make up and hairstyle if it looks like you’ve been tangoed.  Temperatures across N Ireland are still bleak, so looking like you’ve overdone the tan looks silly and ridiculously fake.

Fake tan sales are worth £100m in Britain and one third of women use it on a regular basis.New sales figures show that half the fake tan sold by a major national retailer was the darkest shade available.

BUT please think before you buy fake tan or indeed visit someone for a spray tan before your event.  It’s best to apply the tan 2 days before so you can shower and wash off the excess to present a more natural colour on your skin.  Preparation is key, so ensure to exfoliate and moisturise in the run up as well.

So avoid the Amy Childs and AnnaLynne McCord look!

Instead go for a much more natural look and people will think you’ve been blessed with good genes aka Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and Bar Refaeli ….