I think the horses were better dressed at Aintree!

Sweet Jesus.  I literally stared open mouthed at some of the photos taken at Aintree today.  Really, in all honesty, is this the best some of these ladies could do?  Did they even look in a mirror before leaving the house?  One word springs to mind …. fright!  I am embarrassed that stylish ladies across the world will be looking at these pics thinking this is what British fashion is all about.  Garish colours, cheap fabric, ill fitting, tacky accessories and that’s just the outfits as it would take me forever to talk about the hair and make up choices.

I struggled so badly to find ONE single lady who looked appropriately fashionable and I can’t even believe I’m about to write this …. but …. Claire Sweeney looked lovely in a fitted black coat and fascinator.  I am not joking, this was the best outfit I could find!!