Ah to be 17 again ….


I saw a photo of Stephen Baldwin’s 17 year old daughter, Hailey as she posed beside him at a red carpet event in Hollywood.  Rather than look like his daughter she could have been mistaken as his date!

Surely at 17, you should be fresh faced and glowing with youth?  Not so for Hailey, instead she looks like a very mature 25 year old and why does her face look so hard to me? It’s as if she’s gone through a lifetime of strife and emotional challenges when I look at her skin and that “hardness” in her eyes.

When I think of a 17 year old, Emma Watson pops into my head as her character Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter.  Minimal make up, simple hair, school uniform (as most girls this age are still studying!) and just a look of innocence that unfortunately naturally fades as you get older.

I was curious to see just how other starlets who are 17 years old are faring at the moment and I came across Abigail Beslin from Little Miss Sunshine and also Claudia Lee from Kick Ass 2.   They look about 30!  And then there’s Courtney Stodden who married at just 16 years of age.

If you look twenty years older than your real age at this early stage of life what the hell can you expect to look like once you hit fourty!!  This is such a shame, as all Courtney need to do is just lay off the make-up, heavy grooming of her hair and just try to soften her overall look as it’s so harsh for somebody so young.  I am now 34 and would do anything to look like a 17 year old again, in fact I pay a small fortune each week on miracle face creams and pills which claim to be able to fulfill that dream!!  Why are the young girls of today so keen to grow up so fast!