WOW!! Check out Anne Hathaway!!

My God, what a transformation!!  Anne Hathaway has been criticised for her “boring” fashion choices of late.  She also has been absolutely annihilated on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as the US press for her “over the top” speeches and antics which has not gone down favourably with the general public.  In fact, people have said some really cruel things about Anne and apparently she had taken them very much to heart and found it difficult to cope or understand the barrage of hatred towards her.

So ……. did she have a total rethink about her image and how she is portrayed when she chose this daring, sheer, black dress at the Met Gala and fabulous platinum hair????  She looks absolutely amazing and surely should get collective praise from the fashion crown for her outfit!  Come on Joan Rivers and hosts at Fashion Police …. you have to say something nice!