Would you wear the Sharkini?

I have honestly, truly seen it all when I discovered the latest, custom made swimsuit ….

So let’s think about this one.  You know the way you always see little ones running around in cartoon inspired swimming costumes?  Doesn’t it remind you of a comic baby swimsuit?  But let’s get serious, not only would this design possibly offend people on the beach or at the pool who have lost relatives or friends to a shark attack, but the tan lines with this would be awful!  Plus you need to have washboard abs to pull off any kind of cutaway swimsuit, that’s just the law.

Would you believe this suit can be custom made for you at 100 dollars and if you need it in a hurry, an extra 50 dollars will ensure you receive the swimsuit within 12 days.  Sorry folks, this one just isn’t for me.  After the recent shark attacks we’ve read about in the papers I simply think this is a step too far and is in very bad taste.