Why buy when you can hire?

I have had an amazing array of customers come to Belle Dress Hire and they all have said exactly the same thing …… “Why would I buy when I can hire?”

It’s true!  Most of my customers rarely attend a black tie event and so don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a dress that will be worn once.  What you need to remember is that evening dress trends change constantly mainly because the fashion is dictated by what celebs are wearing on the red carpet.  Therefore, if you spend £500 on an evening dress and decide to dust it off a couple of years later, it is more than likely that it is old fashioned and let’s be honest, perhaps doesn’t fit as well as it used to!

I always advise my customers to invest in a good “cocktail”/”party” dress preferably in black and to keep the design simple.  Idea is that it won’t date as much and you can always change the accessories and shoes to give it a “different” look each time.  However, when it comes to long/evening dresses, why spend a fortune on something you will only wear “every now and again” and hire a fabulous dress each time something comes up at Belle Dress Hire!

I will offer a little advice on hiring ….. don’t leave it until the last minute!  I think it’s important to book an appointment to try dresses on at least 3 weeks before your event.  That gives you plenty of time to think about shoes and accessories without a major panic shopping trip were you either spend more on the shoes and bag than the dress OR you just pick something that “will do”.

So if you have an event coming up in June or over the summer months, contact Belle Dress Hire on 07708905104 or via the website www.belledresshire.co.uk to book an appointment which are available Mon-Sat and I look forward to hearing from you.