We end with a bang …. a bad one!

This is my last post on this week’s episode of Fashion Police!  Again the panel’s choice for worst dressed was bang on in my opinion. Keira Knightly looked horrendous. I know we are so jealous of celebrities, especially of girls like Keira who are so slim with beautiful faces that they could wear anything and look good, right? Not the case this week in her embroidered Valentino gown. Is this really the best dress that she could’ve picked? Come on, she has designers clambering over themselves to dress her and this is what she chose? Quoting Joan and the team, this dress looked like something “you’d find floating in the toilet after eating pimento.” Not only was the colour dead on her pale skin, but she looked miserable waering it! God I thought Victoria Beckham looks in the depths of depression most of the time but Keira was on a whole new level in this dress. I do have to agree with Kelly in that this was a beautiful dress, as the embroidery was very intricate but because Keira had gone with a nude lip rather than a youthful, brighter lipstick, it looked dead from head to toe. Keira beat Britney Spears who wore an ill fitting “trailer park top”, ugg boots and daisy duke shorts to be worst dressed this week which kinda says it all really.