Unknown Fashion Trend

I have just come across a trend that I have never heard of ………. Overstated Baroque. It sounds like my kind of style! I relish a range of different looks depending on my mood but definitely have to be honest and say I feel at my best when I “look” expensive. Reading between the lines, I think that’s what the Overstated Baroque trend is all about. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I decided to try this out with a chanel inspired jacket, ruffled lace blouse and black satin pencil trousers.  I placed my hair in a neat top knot, went with smoky eyes and a nude lip.  Almost there!  I had just one final hurdle to get over, the right accessories. I quickly found that I didn’t have the right jewellery at all to complete the look so a trip round to my mums sorted that out! I didn’t realise she had such a wealth of heavy, ornate costume jewellery which was exactly what I needed.  Mental note to get round to mum’s more often!

This isn’t a trend for everyone I have to admit but it was definitely a lot of fun so give it a go.  You can always try the look out with friends so you can pull different elements of the trend together before you’re out the expense of chanel jackets and gold jewellery!