Top Tips for Beach Fashion

No point in writing paragraphs here, there really are just a few simple guidelines to follow ………

A smaller bikini = A smaller body, but remember not to go too small!  No bulges please.

The Monokini = perfect means of disguising a tummy bulge, stretch marks or scars.  But beware of uneven tan lines with this one.

Go for Black = this is thee most slimming colour and you can easily brighten things up by adding coloured accessories.

Accessories = multiple neck beads, large statement ear-rings or a hat are best but just pick one!  Don’t forget about your feet either ….. I recommend wedge sandals for added height and they will lengthen your leg.

Sunglasses = always a must!

High Factor = simply because sunburn is never attractive.

Waterproof mascara = highly recommended

Dye eyelashes and eyebrows before holiday = a must have if you are blonde or fair haired.

Just follow these few basic rules and you’re good to go!