Tiny Handbags are apparently all the rage, but can they hold everything you need for a night out??

We see Alexa Chung channeling the new “tiny tote” handbag at a recent fashion show.  To be honest, I personally don’t carry alot on a night out in my handbag but I do know people who practically take the bathroom cupboard with them!  A girl that I know very well even goes as far as taking instant fake tan and her “mitt” so if she has a tan disaster, this can be quickly remedied on a trip to the ladies.  She has come to the rescue of so many girls over the years with streaked legs and arms, makes me laugh just thinking about our experiences in the ladies toilets on night’s out.

I simply take tissues, cash or card, house key, phone and lip balm.  So what do you carry in your bag?  Could you fit everything you need in a bag like Alexa Chung?