The wrong fit for Kim K …

 Poor Kim gets it so wrong in this outfit.  It’s a shame because I think she is such an inspiration for what the media describe as “normal” sized women.  She embraces her curves which is to be admired but unfortunately in this ensemble the outfit is hugging her curves in the wrong places!

At Belle Dress Hire, we understand how important the right “fit” is.  Put aside the colour and the fabric, it’s so vitally important to ensure your dress fits properly!  The idea is that a dress should make the most of your body shape and highlight all the things that are good about your body whether that’s a good cleavage, long legs, a small waist or curvy hips.

With dresses available in stock to hire from three different suppliers in Paris and London, Belle offers an array of different styles to ensure that you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the “right fit”.