Style in your 30s….

I always keep a close eye on Jessica Alba’s style as we are very similiar in age (although I’m just a couple of years ahead of her!) so I’m interested to see what she comes up with fashion wise to events.

I never thought of Jessica as an amazing style icon BUT I have to say she is dressing so well recently.

There is a time in one’s life when the craze of cropped tops donned by the likes of Rihanna just isn’t suitable for your age group anymore even though you love the trend.  It’s a sad and poignant reflection which I have reached this year.

However, if I thought my days of looking sexy, fun and on trend were over, I couldn’t be more wrong.  Just look at Jessica Alba … Cool, classy, effortless ….. all spring to mind when I see her.  She is confident yet subtle in her choices and the pops of colour keep the overall looks on trend, fun and modern.

I will definitely continue to check out Jessica’s fashion choices as I would like to mimic some of her styles to echo her uncomplicated and relaxed looks.