Sparkling in black and silver gown from Belle Dress Hire ….

This is an AMAZING dress!

Not for the fainthearted, this dress needs to be worn with confidence as it’s beaded with sequin from head to toe!

Loyal Belle Dress Hire customer, Susan, looks stunning in this dress!  Sequin is notoriously difficult to wear and you need to be very thin to wear it from top to bottom, but Susan is very petite and so displays the shape of the dress so well.

Susan Wilson

Due to the beading from the neckline down to the floor there is no need for accompanying accessories!  You can’t see the back of this dress very well in the photo, but it’s very low and exposes to the top of the bottom.  It’s a very sexy dress!

Another great thing about this dress is that it simply needs a black bag and black shoes to complete the look which most ladies have already in their wardrobe!