Sorry Kim but you just keep getting it wrong!!

She is one of the most read and talked about celebrities of our time.  Kim Kardashian has now hit the 5 months stage of her pregnancy and for some bizarre reason she continues to be confused as how to best dress her changing shape.

I just don’t understand how she or a stylist would think that pouring her into a tan leather dress would look good!!


Not only does this not flatter her shape at all, it looks extremely uncomfortable!  Top this heavy leather fabric with a pair of spanx (sneakily snapped below) and I’m guessing Kim must feel so bulky, awkward and cumbersome on this shopping trip.

I applaud Kim for taking her fashion style so seriously at this stage of her pregnancy and for wearing those heels!!!  But I would advise her to ditch the current stylist who continues to put her in these ridiculous outfits and contact a maternity wear supplier who would do a much better job of dressing her!