Recreate 40s style like Blake Lively

Remember ladies, it’s all in the details!  Your look can not be completed unless your accessories, make up and hair all compliment your chosen outfit. There seems to be a revival of the glamorous 40s era amongst the Hollywood stars at the moment.  “Rita Hayworth” hair for example, is demonstrated beautifully and to full effect by Blake Lively in this photo.  Idea is if your dress/outfit is busy and is a “statement” piece then you need to keep your hair simple.  Let the dress speak for itself.  This look is very easy to recreate at home with a pair of large barrell tongs.  Hair needs to be in great condition, so make sure to use a hair masque the night before or even some shine spray to really make the style pop.

I know I have blogged about this a few times before …. but …. the red lip is definitely back!  MAC have a great selection of red lippies and as this brand is renowned for its use by stage performers it has great staying power!  Remember to blot and reapply the lipstick a couple of times so that it won’t move or bleed into your make up.  There are loads of sites online which advise on the best way to apply lipstick.  Check out You tube as well for really helpful demonstrations.  When you think about it, the 40s were post war years when money was scarce so a simple red lip and hair style really did make all the difference.  Obviously, we are not in post war times at the moment, but the recesssion is making everyone tighten their belts somewhat, so rather than buy a whole new outfit for Saturday night, why not not simply change your hair and make up to create a new look.