Posture in Heels ….

I decided to get my precious Jimmy Choo out from their box at the weekend to wear to an anniversary party at the Crawfordsburn Inn which is just outside Bangor.

With all this glorious sunshine we’ve been experiencing lately in Belfast, I have of course been wearing sandals and flip flops to keep my feet cool.  It was great to finally put on a pair of heels on Saturday night as you immediately feel more glamorous BUT little did I know how much pain I would be in the next day!

Woke up on Sunday morning and bounced out of bed only to yelp in pain at the ache in my thighs and calves!  I had no idea just how much your legs work harder in a pair of high heels.  I always knew that heels instantly make you stand straighter and work wonders for your posture but I underestimated just how true this statement actually is.

Ladies, if you are wearing heels to an event (especially if they’re new) make sure you practice wearing them in advance!!!  Nothing looks worse than a lady who very obviously can’t walk in her shoes.  No point in wearing a gorgeous dress from Belle Dress Hire, fab spray tan and nails if you’re wobbling all over the place!  If like me you’ve been wearing flat shoes during the Summer, make sure you wear heels around the house a few days before your event to prevent aching muscles and poor posture on the big night!