Photoshopped jeans!!!!

I saw a newspaper headline today and had to look twice as I couldn’t believe it …. “The Photoshop jeans that make your legs thinner …” according to the Daily Mail.  The article was talking about a new collection of jeans launched by J Brand.

J Brand jeans already has a wide fan base, including celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and the Duchess of Cambridge but I can foresee their appeal definitely widening if this statement about their new jeans range is actually true!

Who doesn’t want skinny, Nadine Coyle-esque legs, I sure do!  I quickly read to the end of the article expecting the price for this limb perfection to be out of reach BUT to my delight these jeans will start from £75 up to £225 for any given pair.

Ever get to the stage where your favourite pair of jeans start to sag around the bottom and the only way to get them tight and fitted is to wash and tumble dry the life out of them???? Not with these new Jo Brand jeans apparently!  Amazingly they claim to be made of a “specially pioneered fabric” that doesn’t sag even with wear.

I always say a good pair of jeans is an investment and worth paying a little more to get the right fit so I think my next purchase could just be a pair of J Brand photoshop jeans!!!!