Oversized trend

Check out Ashley Olsen in an oversized dress from her own collection. This is not everyone’s cup of tea to be fair, however the plus point with oversized fashion means it can hide a multitude of sins! And, you don’t have to go for oversized all over, you can choose whether to rock this look on the top (if you have a large bust) or the bottom (if you haven’t done any squats recently and your bum is looking out of shape). An oversized top or coat over skinny jeans for example works really well. If going for a baggy look in the trousers or a tulip shaped skirt, keep the top very fitted and make sure to wear a belt to draw your shape in at the waist. It’s all about balance if you’re not wearing this trend from top to toe. I think this style works best in a statement colour and a lighter fabric. If Ashley’s dress had’ve been black I think I’d be posting about how I felt it reminded me of a bin liner!
I welcome the oversized trend because I feel it suits all shapes and sizes. Remember the smaller framed girls do want to “bulk up” sometimes with fashion and by the same token, heavier ladies want to disguise body parts with fashion so it’s very much a win win for me.