Mancunian Fashion anyone?

Heading to Manchester today for the weekend and was really unsure what to pack for two reasons …. the uncertainty of the weather and also what is Mancunian Fashion?

Looking at the forecast it’s going to be a mixture of rain, sunny spells and the odd break of thunder!  Therefore, thought it best to go with layers for each outfit and that way I can add or remove layers depending on the weather.

However, when it came to Manc’s Fashion I was really unsure.  What do folks in Manchester wear?  I always hear comparisons to Liverpool so have packed some sparkly numbers just in case.  I went for a spray tan with Gelish last night and decided to go for a natural/medium tan rather than the full oompa loompa look.  I have hairspray packed and plenty of Mac eyeshadow for a smoky eye.  I think I’ve got all bases covered and will let you all know how I got on!!