If you want to get ahead get a hat!!

I have always loved hats and am lucky in that the majority of styles suit me.  I believe it’s very much to do with the shape of your face (mine is oval) what style of hat best suits you so ensure to try lots of different ones on!

I visited Las Vegas this Summer and was transfixed by women at the pool who were wearing the most fabulous hats.

Now, when I say sun hats, I don’t mean a straw hat with a ribbon around it, I’m talking about a real fashion statement of a hat!  Remember Kim Cattrall in Sex In The City when she was eyeing up her neighbour whilst hiding behind a massive, wide brimmed,yellow hat?  THAT’s the type of hat I’m talking about!

To really make a fashion statement this Summer at the pool or the beach or strolling along the shops in the sun, forget about over priced bikini’s and invest in a super-sized, fashion hat!  They are so much fun, will attract loads of attention and I haven’t even mentioned the best reason of all to buy one …… PREVENTION OF WRINKLES FROM THE SUN!!!!