Gwyneth Paltrow hailed as world’s best dressed woman of 2012 ….

According to over 42 million readers of People magazine in the US, the coveted style icon title of this year goes to ………… Gwyneth Paltrow


At 39 years of age and mother of two children, Gwyneth obviously still has what it takes in the fashion stakes.  Over time, there have been a few hiccups along the way however, remember that sugar pink ballgown at the Oscars in 1998 or that God awful Alexander McQueen outfit??

All well, I guess we can all have an off day!  Gwyneth’s style has matured over the years into simple and understated elegance.  She does however, still know how mix things up and rock her “sexy” showing off those never ending pins of hers …

Not only does Gwyneth keep her fashion choices classy and feminine but she also follows this through in her make up and hair selection which completes the look to maximum effect.

We always see a consistency to her look which entails glossy blonde locks, a hint of a sun-kissed glow, a nude lip and a beige eye.  This is the natural look which Gwyneth successfully pulls off time and time again.

We salute you Gwyneth!!!