Fashion Crime

We start to focus a little more on the negative side of Fashion Police today. Clint Eastwood’s daughter (I don’t actually even remember her name or want to for that matter) tried to defend herself from the onslaught by George and the panel when they showed a photo taken by her celebrity photographer boyfriend of her burning a £100K Hermes handbag. When asked “Why in God’s name, why?” she didn’t really have a particularly good answer. I was pretty disappointed in her response that “once her boyfriend has an idea he has to roll with it.” How lame! She then went onto say that people misinterpreted the message of the photo as being “anti-materialism” which was wrong because the real message was that “it’s just a bag that carries things …. we place too much emphasis on things like bags ……… so actually I guess the photo was kind of anti-materialism.” What!! Seriously, if you’re going to defend a photo that outraged thousands of people especially when George quite rightly pointed out that it could have been auctioned to raise money for charity, at least have a bloody good reason for why you did it in the first place! I don’t know how anyone could take this girl seriously after such statements.