Facebooking your formal dress …

I regularly have young girl’s ask me to take a photo of them in their chosen formal dress so that they can post this online and on Facebook to ensure no one turns up in the same dress.  I have no problems at all in doing this because I fully understand and appreciate how important it is to get the perfect dress for your school formal. I always assure my customers that under NO circumstances would I let two customers hire the same dress for the same event even in a different colour or size.  I also won’t hire the same dress if two customers are going to be in the same venue, even if they are attending different events.

However, I was horrified to see that some girl’s have taken this to a whole new level in America.

Photos of dresses have been posted with tags such as ‘Don’t steal my dress or I might have to have your family murdered’ along with ‘B**** Don’t Steal My Dress’ and ‘Steal My Prom Dress and I’ll Knock You The **** Out’, according to the New York Post.  This is appalling behaviour and not becoming of a young lady.  

Safe to say none of my customers have behaved in the above manner, in fact any girls who have come to me for an appointment have been beautiful, intelligent, well mannered young women and it’s been a pleasure finding thee perfect dress for their formal.