Elle MacPherson Gets it Right on Trend!

Ladies, I present to you the gorgeous and fabulous Elle MacPherson.  Born on 29th March 1963, there is no doubt that she has come along way since her days as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model in the 80s!

Elle was  attending as a guest at a Parisian wedding and whilst some might question the colour choice of this outfit, that aside, this top to toe designer outfit by Azzedine Alaia displays everything that’s good about the current lace and lazer cut trends.  There’s no doubt about it, you really need the height and long legs to pull this off which Elle does to absolute perfection.  It’s nice to see Elle’s hair back from her face for a change as well.  Perhaps she went with this because of the occasion but it certainly looks more age appropriate and compliments the outfit beautifully.

I just feel sorry for the poor bride!!  Apparently, Carla Bruni was in attendance as a guest as well!