Dressing for your age ….


This is a hot topic and it seems that everyone has a different opinion when it comes to what does it mean to “dressing age appropriately”?

Looking firstly at the more mature lady, we’ve all heard the term “mutton dressed as lamb” and cringe to think anyone would be referring to us in this way. Between the ages of 40-60, I feel a dress or outfit can be deemed “age appropriate” if it compliments the body shape, highlights all the “best” parts of the body and does not show too much skin! Kris Jenner gets it right in this body forming dress. The black column of colour down each side gives the illusion of a smaller waistline, instantly giving Kris enviable curves in all the right places. The length is perfect and Kris has kept the shoes and accessories very simple meaning all the focus is on the dress. This oufit is also very clever because by using colour blocking, the style is fresh and very much in trend. The accent orange hue in the necklace also keeps this outfit interesting. All in all Kris has done a great job and she looks like she feels really good in this dress by her posture and expression.

Julianne Hough by the same token has dressed appropriately for her younger age in this neon yellow dress. Neon is bang on trend for summer and when you’re young like Julianne you can afford for a dress to “cling” and show off your hard earned gym curves. This look is sexy without exposing lots of skin. The lightness of the fabric highlights Julianne’s toned derriere and bust beautifully and tastefully. Just to ensure she doesn’t look “too styled”, Julianne has kept her hair quite messy in a top knot and again the accessories are fairly simple. The red lip colour which I have blogged about earlier in the week completes the look.