Dedicated to Fashion!

Unfortunately I missed the Oscars this year which was really disappointing but I was skiing down a mountain at the time so can’t complain!

However, reading the post coverage of the event has been very entertaining.  Especially this little jewel from Kristen Bell who has starred in Couple’s Retreat and more recently, House of Lies ………  This very chic, stylish woman told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on LIVE TV that she had actually peed into a jar prior to visiting the Oscar red carpet simply because her Roberto Cavalli gown was so tight and restrictive, she couldn’t go to the bathroom “normally”!!!  Now THAT is dedication to looking good!

I always say that if you don’t necessarily want to enjoy your night; as in dancing and eating a three course meal that you’ve paid for, then by all means go for the tight, fitted, jersey dresses.  However, you need to know that you will be starving and will stare longingly at the dance floor when ABBA is played from your seat BUT you will look FABULOUS and photos are forever after all.  I suggest it best to go somewhere in the middle between comfort and style.  Try and get a balance.  If a dress is tight and cinched at the waist then make sure the bust area gives you some room to move around.  If the fabric is very heavy which will wear you down after a few hours, keep accessories to an absolute minimum.  Stay AWAY from the Chandelier ear-rings and bulky bracelets for example.  If the dress is extremely fitted all over then for God’s sake at least make sure your shoes are comfortable otherwise your night will be ruined and you’ll scold yourself afterwards for putting vanity before pride!