Christina Aguilera gets the fit completely wrong ….

I have said on this blog so many times about the importance of the correct fit of dress so as to make the most of your shape. Christina Aguilera gets it SO wrong in this purple and lilac dress! In terms of the positive, the draping means that it brings Christina’s smallest part, aka her waist, in nice and neat but the bust is too high up and from the back this dress looks absolutely dreadful! No point looking good from the front if the back is a disaster! The back looks so ill fitting and the fabric is puckering at the zip. It also looks like they have added a piece in at the back so as to make this dress fit around Christina which looks dreadful. The choice of chiffon fabric is also not good as there is no stretch or structure to the dress so as to make the most of Christina’s curves. Her make-up is actually quite nice but really there’s nothing else good to say about this look.

This actually makes me mad, as she has millions in the bank and can afford the very best of clothes but instead she chooses this???!! Maddening!