Big skirted dresses back in fashion!

I know “big” prom style dresses for a formal or event have been considered as old fashioned or dare I say it …. “Gypsy Weddingish” of late but some of the ladies at this year’s Oscars both young and more mature, showed us just how show stopping a more voluminous dress can be!

Belle Dress Hire has a few “fuller skirt” styles which are calling out to be hired!  I have had difficulty asking customers to give these dresses a try when they come for an appointment but once they have tried them on, they’ve been amazed at how stylish the dresses look.  There are lots of positives if you go for a more voluminous dress for your event – you can keep accessories to a minimum (which saves you money!), you can generally get away with shoes you already have in the wardrobe because no one can see your feet, you will stand out in a room full of slinky, more fitted dresses plus you can actually dance and enjoy your dinner without having to hold your tummy in all night!!

A very important and crucial thing to bear in mind if you want to go for a similar style , is to ensure that the top of the dress fits immaculately!  The bust and waist must fit very snugly so that you still have shape definition.  If I get an invitation to an event soon, I know I would definitely want to make a style statement and go for a bigger skirted dress. …