Belle Dress Hire’s answer to Red Carpet Dress

Here we can see just how easy it is to copy a red carpet look by hiring from Belle Dress Hire.  You’ll see the radiant Sarah Hyland on the red carpet of the 2012 Emmys just last month and then Belle’s answer to this style at let’s be honest, a tiny fraction of the price!

Both of these young girls are rocking this season’s nude colour to perfection.  The small beaded detail on the shoulder straps ensure that this look is not boring and with a nipped in waist, both styles give shape.  The girls have decided to leave extra jewelry at home and make the dress the statement.  I think both ladies look stunning, but Melisa Warnock who attended Hunterhouse Formal just a few short weeks ago has to win because she has channeled a celebrity red carpet look on a student’s budget through dress hire.  Clever Melisa!