2013 Oscar Horrors!!

Heidi Klum, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????  This is so totally inappropriate!!!  I don’t believe Heidi wore this dress on the red carpet but she did don the gown to Elton John’s annual Oscar party.  Not only is the dress far too revealing, not being harsh, but she’s far too busty and old to wear a neckline like this but what was her hairstylist doing???!!!  This hairstyle looks like it belongs in a Dynasty story line.

I understand that Heidi is going through divorce proceedings and this is bound to take its toll, but she has lost an awful lot of weight which means she looks like a lollipop and again this just looks awful.  Between the scary skinny frame, the bad hair and eye popping cleavage, Heidi gets the ultimate thumbs down for this look.  She has to sack her stylist!!!