Lady In Red

Some colours really lend themselves so very well to formal/evening wear and RED is such a colour. It suits brunettes and blondes, auburn and silver grey hair ……. it just works because it’s a vibrant yet extremely warm tone on the skin.

Red is probably seen as a “sexy” colour, I know from experience of my own customers that their husbands, boyfriends and partners all LOVE a red dress!

I have a good selection of red dresses in sizes 6-18, in a variety of fabrics such as jersey, chiffon, tulle…… and different shades of red as well with some lovely deep wine gowns as well.

I have dressed some absolutely fantastic ladies in red, full length dresses, so if you have an event coming up soon, please contact me for an appointment.

Against all odds dress in 60 mins!

Whenever I receive queries through the website or my Facebook page Belle Dress Hire, I always glance at the time it was sent. A few weeks ago, to my surprise I received a very late night/early morning email from a lady called Elaine, who was almost 7 months pregnant and urgently needed a dress for an event that was taking place in less than 24 hours! Talk about a challenge!

Elaine explained that she had a dress but unfortunately with unexpected, additional pregnancy bloating, the dress just wouldn’t zip up. Of course, she was very distressed, feeling low and asked for my help. I immediately felt for Elaine as I myself became really bloated when I was pregnant with my daughter so I totally understood how she was feeling.  I was able to offer Elaine an appointment first thing that morning and was able to pre select and short list a small number of gowns that I thought would work for the occasion.

However, this was not going to be easy, there were a number of hurdles to get over with this particular hire choice …. (a) a pregnancy bump, (b) a dress that required no major alterations, (c) a comfortable yet striking style ……. and more………

You see, Elaine was no ordinary customer, she was actually one of the leading actors in the Sweeney Todd Production of “The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” and the event she was attending was the Opening Night at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast! So no gown would “just do”, it had to be perfect!

Within 20 minutes, we both decided that one of the newer gowns, a black, jersey, high neck, sequin detailed dress with leg slit was definitely thee best choice. The stretchy fabric was super comfortable for Elaine’s bump and the lack of boning again made the dress flexible with plenty of movement.  The fixed, cupped, sequin top of the gown disguised Elaine’s larger “pregnancy boobs” and the leg slit at the front showed a little skin, just enough for Elaine to look and feel pregnant but fierce and sexy with it!!

Elaine’s request to me was for her “not to look like a marshmallow” and I think we both did a great job together in finding a really elegant, modern, sexy gown.

The dress was indeed a little bit too long for Elaine and as the event was happening later that evening, she needed to take the dress with her at the appointment! Therefore, I was able to tack up a temporary hem to make the dress shorter and easier to wear. I certainly didn’t want Elaine to trip on the dress!

Selecting the dress, temporary alteration to the hem and a quick steam to get rid of any wrinkles took just under 60 minutes. Now that’s fast fashion!

Elaine is pictured to the left of the lady in the gold dress.

Black, jersey, full length gown with leg split and sequin detail. Available in size 8.