I have a dress JUST like Kim Kardashian’s!

Ladies, I have recently added a new raspberry coloured, chiffon, halter neck dress to the collection at Belle Dress Hire in a size 8/10 AND have just discovered that Kim Kardashian wore a practically identical dress to the 2014 Elton John Oscar Party!

With a sleek do and red lips, Kim looked fabulous in this style and so can you!  The halter neckline means that it actually suits all bust-lines.  Now I know that Kim is on the slightly more voluptuous side when it comes to cup size but this dress looks gorgeous on a smaller bust as well (especially due to the discrete, sewn in bra cups – sshh no one will know!).

MC166066 Strawberry

Ok, I’ll admit that Kim Kardashian’s dress is a different fabric to the one available at Belle Dress Hire BUT that and the designer label sewn inside are the only visible differences between these dresses.  The main and most important difference of course ladies is that one of them costs just £70 to hire!!!!


“Shoulders back, chin up Leeanne!”

God I remember these words from my mum over and over and over again when I was in my teens.  I had a terrible habit back then of slumping forward and pulling my long, middle parted hair over my face as much as possible like a curtain.  I obviously now realise this was part of growing up and that I was terribly self conscious at that age and wanted to hide away from life.  Having the protection of hair covering my face made me feel that I was being shielded away from the stares of the world and gave me comfort.

I can laugh at my silliness now in my mid thirties of course but at the time it was simply awful.  Spots on my t-zone, greasy/combination skin, no bust whatsoever, no confidence …… I remember feeling the most unattractive female alive.

Of course mum thought that by repeatedly screaming at me to “straighten up” and “push my hair back” off my face that it would eventually sink in.  I have to admit it took a long time for the habitual ear bashing to reach its mark but I did start to wise up and pay attention.  As per usual, mums definitely know best and she was absolutely right!  I definitely didn’t want to end up looking like Montgomery Burns ….

Posture is SO important.  Not only for health reasons should you try and straighten your back as much as possible BUT you can look up to 10 pounds slimmer in photos and videos if you took your posture more seriously!  Do I have your attention now???

Ever wonder why exactly, models display really bad posture in photo shoots?  They have a tendency to curve their spine, force their shoulders round and plant their hands firmly on the hips.  This is done  because it creates a definitive shape that works in magazines but doesn’t in the real world.

However, this particular shape highlights a bone called the clavicle which is positioned between the shoulders and juts it forward.  As we all know, a jutting bone in the fashion world means that you’re thin!  By thrusting the arms forward and on the hips will also highlight a really tiny waist which most models of today possess and works brilliantly in advertising campaigns.  But the lesson to be learnt by this is that the position and postur of your body makes a huge impact on how people visualise your shape.

So try to remember at your next big event whether you’re 17 and attending a school formal or in your twenties/thirties going to an awards evening, pull your shoulders back, chin up slightly to elongate the neck and hey presto!!!  Believe me, you’ll even feel better and yes it should feel uncomfortable, it may even feel slightly sore, but keep it up!  This means it’s actually working and your back is now straight!  If it hurts alot, I’m sorry but this only proves just how bad your posture is.



When Fashion just looks ….. Weird.

Being brutally honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Keira Knightley. I don’t think she’s an amazing actress and I haven’t followed her fashion wise either BUT I haven’t disliked her for any particular reason.  When I think of her over the years, I see photos of her pouting in magazines which I thought looked really silly because she’s not a stereotypically “sexy” girl, so the pouting just looked strange on her.

Anyway, the reason for this post today, is that Keira disappeared for a little while off the big screen after getting hitched to James Righton.  But she’s back, with the promotion for her newest flick, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and wearing Chanel!

If I had access to an endless cash flow, I personally would dress top to toe in Chanel if I could.  I just find the brand to be the epitome of chic.  However, when I looked at the latest garb on Keira, I didn’t love it.  In fact, I really disliked it.  Ok, she’s always been incredibly thin and I believe she has always possessed a very slight frame but the corseted designer dress makes her look REALLY STRANGE!!!

When I looked at her I couldn’t help it but think of those ladies from the Guinness Book of Records who have held the title for the smallest waist in the world.  This TOTALLY WEIRD silhouette is achieved through wearing corsets day and night for many years

This to me is not sexy.  This to me looks beyond strange!!  I’m sorry Keira but it just means this is a fashion failure to me I’m afraid.







Dedicated to Fashion!

Unfortunately I missed the Oscars this year which was really disappointing but I was skiing down a mountain at the time so can’t complain!

However, reading the post coverage of the event has been very entertaining.  Especially this little jewel from Kristen Bell who has starred in Couple’s Retreat and more recently, House of Lies ………  This very chic, stylish woman told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on LIVE TV that she had actually peed into a jar prior to visiting the Oscar red carpet simply because her Roberto Cavalli gown was so tight and restrictive, she couldn’t go to the bathroom “normally”!!!  Now THAT is dedication to looking good!

I always say that if you don’t necessarily want to enjoy your night; as in dancing and eating a three course meal that you’ve paid for, then by all means go for the tight, fitted, jersey dresses.  However, you need to know that you will be starving and will stare longingly at the dance floor when ABBA is played from your seat BUT you will look FABULOUS and photos are forever after all.  I suggest it best to go somewhere in the middle between comfort and style.  Try and get a balance.  If a dress is tight and cinched at the waist then make sure the bust area gives you some room to move around.  If the fabric is very heavy which will wear you down after a few hours, keep accessories to an absolute minimum.  Stay AWAY from the Chandelier ear-rings and bulky bracelets for example.  If the dress is extremely fitted all over then for God’s sake at least make sure your shoes are comfortable otherwise your night will be ruined and you’ll scold yourself afterwards for putting vanity before pride!