Glamour at the Grammys ….

….. Well sort of.  Deeply disappointed by the lack of imagination, creative styling and fashion forward designs at the 2014 Grammys.  This event is always know as the “little bit crazy red carpet event.”  In other words, it’s that one big showbiz event when stars can throw caution to the wind and wear something really different and unique.  Remember Fergie in that vivid orange lace dress with black underwear?

Ok, it may not be your cup of tea but she was going against typical fashion rules in showing her undies and the fact that she chose solid black underwear as well made an additional statement.  Fergie took advantage of the fun side of the Grammys with this look

How I wish some of her peers had also had this idea at the weekend

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce.  Now I haven’t seen the footage myself but I hear you put on quite a risqué show??!!  That aside.  What the hell????

The hair is SSSSOOOOOO horrendously bad.  There are no words.  AND also, haven’t we seen this dress on multiple stars, in different colours, in sightly different textures of lace about 5 million times over the past good few years????  Come on, this is the most imaginative you could come up with??  Haven’t we seen this on Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Rhianna, oh and even yourself only at a different event in black???!!!!!!  Seriously, so disappointe

I can’t believe I am actually typing this, but you have to check out Paris Hilton!!!!!  Now THIS is a “Grammys” dress.  I’m still in shock that she got this so right.  It fits her perfectly and I love how she has styled the whole look from accessories to hair. Have to also give her credit cos the girl knows how to work a dress!

Have to also say I’m a big fan of updos with evening dresses, so I loved Katy Perry’s hair.  If you have an event coming up consider her look because it will look immaculate the entire night as with enough hair spray and pins it won’t move

I’m still making my way through pics from the night and if anything else jumps out at me I’ll be sure to write another blog but I mean, nothing has stood out at all.  Yes, Taylor Swift looked beautiful, but it was safe.  Stunning absolutely yes she was, but boring so will keep looking for superstar fashion today from the Grammys and will keep you all posted!


NTA’s – The Verdict

I have to say I was actually pleasantly surprised at the level of high fashion at this year’s National Television Awards.  Normally I think it’s car crash TV with a red carpet BUT I honestly believe everyone kicked it up a notch in 2014.

There seemed to be a focus on either Sequin, Revealing or Nude coloured styles so let’s look at the glitzy gals firstly …

Newly divorced Kym Marsh was in top to toe black sequin.  I think because she’s very covered up due to the long sleeves and a lack of accessories to break the look up makes this style a little flat.  She should have added some colour in her handbag or her shoes.  Remember Margo Robbie teamed emerald green shoes with a cream gown at the Golden Globes and looked amazing?

Coupled with Kym’s very dark hair, this all looks a little Mortica Adams to me.

If you are wanting to go for a full length sequin gown, be bold and go for a colour, a pattern OR even half fabric/half sequin!  This will make a huge difference in photos and as long as the sequin is of a high quality it’s actually very flattering on the figure and hides lumps and bumps!!  Check out these stunning sequin gowns available at Belle Dress Hire ..

Siobhan Four Seasons2059-bi-01.27(1)6936(1)

Nude/cream/champagne I have always said are extremely difficult colours to wear in long dresses unless you have a very strong hair colour and bold makeup.  Naomi Campbell, Amy Willerton, Jessica Wright and Fearne Cotton show us how to make these normally “bland” colours exciting.

Ahoy cleavage, thighs and lots of skin!  Some of the ladies were very brave with their dress choices, yes I’m talking to you Jennifer Metcalfe and Kelly Brook!  Hey if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

If you are keen to bare a tad more flesh, check out these more daring styles at Belle Dress Hire …

6767-bi-01.27(1)AVAILABLE IN REDMegan 2

Giving yourself a hard time about overeating at Christmas? Read this for some perspective …

Elly Mayday, a 25 year old plus size model from Canada, has been diagnosed with a very rare form of ovarian cancer.
As a successful lingerie model, you would think this awful disease and intensive chemotherapy sessions would stop her in her tracks wouldn’t you?  Well …. you’d be wrong!
This amazing, young, inspirational woman who is battling cancer every step of the way is showing her bald head, scars, beautiful face and size 14 body to the world.  Her message is really very simple …. she wants to show us what really counts ….. Inner beauty.
So next time you look in the mirror and start pinching a little extra softness around your middle and bum, just stop for a minute and think.  Is your life good right now?  Are you sick?  Are you making an honest living?  Do you have a roof over your head?  Do you have food?  Do you have amazing family and friends?  Well what the bloody hell do you have to complain about!!!!
Be positive Be thankful Be real.


The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly at 2014 SAG Awards …

I’m not going to write a long post about the fashion shortcomings of the stars once again at yet another disappointing red carpet event.  Instead, I will simply focus on those that were good, those that were kinda in between and those that were a fashion crime in my book.

Let’s look at the good and believe me there really weren’t that many ….

Golden Girl of the moment, Lupita Nyong’d – this girl can dress!!  Amazing choice of colour on her skin tone.  Love she went monochrome like the red cape dress at the Golden Globes, perhaps this will become her signature??  This girl is a novice when it comes to red carpets but she is absolutely leading the way in my book!

Amy Adams – a major miss at the Golden Globes I felt when she removed her cape ….. I’m not a great fan of her style normally BUT I really do like this dress on her.  I think it’s the cobalt blue against her hair colouring and skin tone which is really striking

Julie Bowen from Modern Family is a definite hit in her gorgeous gown.  Love the asymmetrical print with clashing orange top.  It’s fits her perfectly and really shows off her figure as well.

Oprah Winfrey – you gotta love Oprah!!  She looks great in the deep purple, fitted dress.  Oprah has curves so this really hugs her body in all the right places.  Loved her hair as well.

Now for the In Betweeners ….

Cate Blanchett – loved the top of this dress when she stood at the podium on stage, but a full length photo doesn’t look great.  Love the colour on her and the neckline is very elegant but the dress just doesn’t fit very well at the waist hence, dare I say it, making her look wide at the hip????

Giuliana Rancic – Darling of Fashion Police on E! is neither a hit nor a miss in this dress.  Yes it’s a lovely neckline and the deep rich purple reminds me of Cadburys, but it’s all a bit blah.  Do you know what I mean?  Just a bit eh.  Blah. Not memorable in the slightest and won’t be making any headlines.  Hated the hair and those “snail” ear rings

Sofia Vegara – My usual favourite as I love how she dresses her body!  But what has happened?  Where are Sofia’s curves??  Where’s the gorgeous hourglass shape we know and adore?

Now onto the BAD …….. Kerry, Julia, Sandra, Michelle and Emma …… You guys are KILLING me right now!

Kerry Washington – once the fashion darling of 2013.  What the hell?  Are your pregnancy hormones destroying your taste?  I just can’t comprehend who would’ve thought you looked good?  Please ditch the stylist.

Sandra Bullock – I am so deeply disappointed that for the second time in the last fortnight you have let me down in the style stakes.  This looked like you are advertising the latest Quality Street sweetie.  And note to Sandra … the green Quality Street are always left at the end.

Julia Roberts – Once a sex siren, once an onscreen goddess but now a mother and a wife yes I get that things have changed over the years BUT I HATED this colour on her and I HATED the fact that it’s a jumpsuit and not even a cute one at that.  It just looks as if she hasn’t made an effort at all with this.

Michelle Dockery – for the love of god can you please pull your shoulders back when posing for a photo!  Surely she would know the important of good posture in a photo??? Her slumped pose make her breasts look like they are at her waist and I hate the match match shoes.  Plus is it just me or does she look bloody miserable??

Emma Thompson – Are you going through a late mid life crisis???  First of all you embarrass the hell out of your daughter by being drunk on stage at the Golden Globes and then you decide to don an awful looking dress which actually looked fine at the top but then went into a weird, slashed bottom with ankle hem AND quite simply the worst footwear I have EVER seen on the red carpet.  You should be ashamed, your bunions couldn’t be THAT BAD!!!!!!

COME ON LADIES!  Step it up a gear!!!  My 17 and 18 year old school formal customers could give you a run for your money in their Belle dresses!!!!

Sometimes keeping things simple really is best …

I think Anna Kendrick looked really beautiful  whilst attending the 2014 Unicef Ball in Beverly Hills.  The Pitch Perfect and Twilight star is only 28 years old and so her dress is totally age appropriate.

There’s always a temptation for young starlets to wear, headline worthy evening gowns which are just far too mature for them.  It’s a very fine line between young and mature, sexy and tacky and the problem is, it’s SO easy to cross.  Anna gets this just right.  The colour is a gorgeous rich raspberry, it fits her bust and waist to perfection and flares out to the floor, keeping the overall look unfussy and floaty.  Plus she doesn’t have to hold her stomach in all night!!!  With the fuller skirt at least she can breathe out!

A brand, new raspberry coloured dress has just arrived at Belle Dress Hire in a size 8 ….

MC166066 Strawberry

Girls if you have a school formal coming up sometimes it’s more about getting the fit of the dress absolutely perfect and not necessarily worrying about all the bells and whistles.  Take a leaf out of Anna’s book and just keep things simple.

Fancy dressing just like Hayden Panettiere?

At the 2014 Golden Globes in Beverley Hills, young Hayden Panettiere chose an unusual black and white gown with diamante detail at the neck to wear on the red carpet.

Whilst this dress at Belle Dress Hire isn’t exactly the same, it certainly channels the look displayed by the young starlet AND at a fraction of the price ….

Black&White Size 10

So if you want to be on trend like Hayden, hire this dress for just £70 in a size 10 from Belle Dress Hire.  All you need to do is add a diamante brooch and slicked back hair to complete the look.

Style Icon? REALLY????

Just spotted a photo of Alex Chung at one of the Golden Globe after parties.

This woman is worshipped by budding fashionistas across the world.  She is heralded for her effortless style.  So …. ahem ….. what the hell happened?

Her dress hasn’t been altered/tailored to fit which for a celebrity stylist to ignore is considered a cardinal sin.  Ever wonder why the celebrity’s always look so damn good in dresses off the rack?  It’s because a specialist tailor has completely altered the dress to fit their body to show it off to its best.  This dress is far too big at the bust, shoulders and waist.

The fabric of this dress, I’m sorry just looks so cheap.  And OMG it’s all puckered at the seams and across the front of the dress at the hem.  Just terrible and dare I say it …. looks homemade ….. badly homemade.  Also, the clumpy, black, looks like suede or velvet fabric, thick strapped shoes?  Come on!  This is a horrendous choice of footwear with such a delicate fabric dress.

I have to try and remind myself that Alexa does actually get it right MOST of the time but somehow she just seemed to have a little slip on this occasion.  You should check out some of Alex’a better fashion moments.







Thank you ladies, for doing it right!

Even though the lack of style at this year’s Golden Globes was severely depressing …. the fact that just a few women were able to actually wear a fabulous dress for the occasion just about makes up for it.

I LOVED the Gucci dress on Margot Robbie.  I wasn’t overly aware of this Australian actress, but I understand that she acted in the soap Neighbours, before landing a role in Pan Am in 2011 and most recently acting opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

What can I say.  I love everything about this dress.  I love the colour, the detail, the cut, how stylish it looks …. and just adore the pop of colour in the emerald green shoes!  How clever and subtle.

I also think the fabulous Sophia Vergara who usually wears a very figure hugging style gets it bang on with her beautiful Zac Posen, full skirted dress.  The reason why this looks so good is that the dress is cinched really tight at the waist to show off Sophia’s “smallest part” of her body, plus the strapless nature of the bust means she can display her “famous attributes” but the final style magic here is the gorgeous turquoise necklace.  This spot of rich colour at the neck brings the whole look together.  Even though the style of the dress is quite old fashioned, it’s brought a modern twist and edge because of the accessories.  Very clever styling by Sophia’s team and she looks amazing!!!

Who would’ve thought that a 68 year old woman would beat all the young starlets in terms of glamour and style at the 2014 Golden Globes????  No idea who I’m talking about???

I give you …….. Helen Mirren in Jenny Packham.  Timeless elegance, a style that is effortless and not forced, a dress that fits properly and the colour suits the skin tone of the wearer.  No more needs to be said.


Jesus Wept Emma Watson!!!

Listen, I’m all for a modern twist, new fashion trends translated from the runways to high street etc but black leggings paired with a Christian Dior gown at the Golden Globes red carpet??? I’m sorry, this just doesn’t work for me.  In fact it’s such a ridiculous notion that I had to double check this actually really happened …. and to my dismay …. yep it was real.

From the front it actually doesn’t look that bad.  In fact it looks like a cool, simple dress in a scarlet red which is beautiful on Emma.  Yeah, you’d be thinking, Mmmm not much effort made there but you know she looks young, fresh and free not stuffy and uncomfortable like some of the stars clad in sequin.  BUT then tragedy strikes.

Yes people, black, cropped trousers  which actually look more like leggings and then blue, yes you heard me right, I said BLUE shoes.

And it doesn’t just end there ….. the look is finished with one ear ring.

Don’t get me wrong, at a different event, this look would have been so cool and unique.  I would have looked at it in a completely different way.  But, I’m sorry, the Golden Globes are usually a showcase and big red carpet event to prelude the Oscars.  This was NOT the occasion to wear this.  Case of great dress, wrong event.






Finally! Some good uns at the Golden Globes ….

…… Well not exactly mind-blowingly fabulous, but a hell of a lot better than most!!!

Taylor Swift was certainly in favour of the colour trend that seemed to be everywhere at this event but unlike some of her peers, she seems to have been able to wear the dress rather than the other way around.  Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s very tall and slight in figure which means the dress doesn’t swamp her.  Also, the fact that it’s black paired with another colour might also have helped with this style as well rather than two clashing colours or a mixture of hues all at once.

Jessica Chastain shows us how a simple, black, well shaped Givenchy dress can look great on the red carpet.  It’s not a boring choice …. although doesn’t massively excite me either, it fits her body really well and she looks effortlessly chic.

I do like this fishtail gown on Kate Beckinsale, who always chooses the more “glamorous” options for red carpets and you can see why!  The sex siren style just suits her!  She always keeps her hair and make up nice and simple but pairs this with a va va voom dress and Voila!  Not my favourite dress at this event but at least she looks like she made a bloody effort!

I have two blog posts left on the 2014 Golden Globes …. One I will reserve completely for Emma Watson in Christian Dior and the other on the dresses that I really loved at this year’s event and there aren’t too many of them ….