Black & White at its best …

Belle Dress Hire customer, Siobhan from the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast needed a dress for a corporate golf event she was attending in Killarney.

Siobhan is an excellent customer of mine, so I’ve gotten to know over time what she likes in terms of style, shape, colour etc which makes the appointments even more enjoyable and stress free for Siobhan.

Yes the event took place in Killarney which is quite a drive away from Lisburn!  But as a trusted customer, there was no issue with Siobhan taking the dress a couple of days in advance and returning to Belle a few days later.  I always try to be as flexible as I possibly can with customers in terms of when they can pick up and return dresses.  So if you have an event taking place outside of Northern Ireland please be assured that Belle Dress Hire can accommodate you.

The fact that this was a corporate, sporting event made the dress choice a little more difficult than normal.  We had to bear in mind that the dress needed to be comfortable, non revealing and a wrinkle free fabric for travelling purposes in the car.

Siobhan Golf

This black and white illusion dress (see left of photo) was the perfect choice for this event.  And I have to say Siobhan wore it beautifully!  You can’t see the full dress unfortunately in this photo but there is a low back detail and also the gown flares out in a trumpet shape towards the bottom.  This shape coupled with the black and white panels gives the wearer an amazing hour glass figure and makes you look very small in all the right places!  This dress is available at Belle Dress Hire in a size 10.


Can you wear pink with red??

The answer is …. YES!

Diane Kruger wore an outfit on the red carpet to attend Autism Speaks third annual Blue Jean Ball.  To be honest, I don’t love the dress.  For some reason it reminds me of a nurses uniform and I can’t shake this every time I look at a photo.  However, that aside, Diane proves to us that we can be daring with colour choices and make it look stylish and cool.

Pink paired with red would for some would be a definite fashion no-no, but Diane has learnt from the ultimate fashion icon, Princess Diana whom actually wore this colour combination quite a few times.  This is just a short post to really say, be brave with colour!  Experiment and embrace strong colour choices especially in the winter when we could all do with a lift!  Pink coats are all the rage at the moment, so why not be bold and pair with a red scarf and gloves perhaps?


Copy Rita Ora!!

……. Well not exactly the same but pretty dam close!

Rita Ora attended the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation 2013 Angel Ball in New York City this week wearing a nude/champagne coloured fitted dress with sheer tulle at the bottom.

And what’s this?  Available to hire at Belle, a nude/champagne coloured fitted dress with sheer tulle at the bottom!!!!  And to be honest, it’s actually shaped better than Rita’s dress and doesn’t have all those awful looking wrinkles ….


Simply hire this gown at Belle Dress Hire and mimic Rita’s make up for an extremely similar look at your next event.



It’s official, Belle Dress Hire gowns are extremely lucky at competitions!!!

Last year’s NIFMA 2012 winner, Leanne Truesdale, topped the leader board wearing this stunning full length, leopard print gown …

leanne 3

Then Lisa Coulter went onto become the only Northern Ireland competitor at this year’s forthcoming 2013 Miss Great Britain Finals to be held on 15th November at The Athena in Leicester after her success at the Face of NI which took place at the Canal Court Hotel in Newry during the Summer …










Now I’ve just been told that Belle customer, Laura Magee received top points to win the “Best Evening Wear” round at the 2013 NIFMA competition which took place at La Mon Hotel just outside Belfast on Sunday.  Laura wore a stunning, white dress with gold sequin detail across the bust and back with a killer side split!


I wonder if we can make it four in a row when Eden Stewart competes in a Belle Dress Hire gown at this year’s Miss World Fitness Model Championship on the 10th November at the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin …….

Will keep you all posted!!

Sizzling in Sheer …

… I know I have posted about this trend already but when you see Victoria Beckham donning sheer fabric, it’s something everyone needs to know!!

Ok, you may not personally like her sophisticated style but you can’t deny that she always looks “polished” and her dress at the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund dinner is no exception.

I am loving the slicked back hair with this look and it just goes to show you can wear black from top to toe and look amazing!!  Black is NOT boring!!!

I’m not 100% sure I like the peekaboo bra, in fact no I really don’t like it at all, but love the combination of this tight fitting dress coupled with the softness of the sheer fabric paneling.

Posh looks sexy, sophisticated, elegant, fashionable and edgy.

Get a similar look with this stunning all black, full length evening gown with sheer mesh paneling at Belle Dress Hire in Lisburn which is available to hire in a size 8 ….

Black Size 8

Ahhhh just a hint of pink.

I have to hand it to Eva Mendes, she just looks effortlessly cool and stylish at ALL times!

We all know that soft pink or blush tones are THEE MAJOR TREND RIGHT NOW on the High Street.  However, unless you’ve pre-ordered that amazing pink coat from Marks and Spencer that has been in all the magazines, you’ll probably be at a loss of just how to incorporate this new colour trend into your fashion choices.

Remember, a trend doesn’t have to be “loud”.  What I mean is, just add a small hint of the trend to your overall look just as Eva Mendes has done perfectly with the addition of a soft pink camisole top and pointed toe shoes.  You don’t have to be dressed head to toe in pink to be considered fashionable! You don’t even have to go as far as “wearing” this colour, why not simply chose a soft blush nail colour or lipstick?  At least you would be on trend without spending a fortune.

What was she thinking???

Whilst the rest of us start digging out the ever faithful winter coat from the back of the wardrobe, Cheryl Cole decides to post a “selfie” of herself in a bikini!

AAAHHHHHhhh where to start with this one!

First of all, bearing in mind that my car registered just 3 degrees this morning, the thought of wearing a bikini right now seems absolutely ridiculous.

Secondly, the headlines screamed “Cheryl posts a selfie” with the pic …. Mmmmm unless Cheryl has an extra set of arms to take the picture from behind, I think what actually happened was that she posed and someone else took the photo.  I’m getting really sick of celebs posting photos on Instagram of themselves.  It is SO egotistical and I’m over it already!!

Last but not least …… a tattoo all over your arse?  Seriously?  And aren’t rose tattoos a tad old fashioned and dare I say it …. considered somewhat “cheap” Cheryl Cole????



A leopard never changes its spots!

When Arlene Trainor came to me for an appointment to find a dress for St Mary’s Christian Brothers Grammar School formal just 24 hours in advance, I thought it was going to be extremely tough.

However, as soon as Arlene arrived, I knew the appointment was going to be alot of fun!  Arlene is lovely and tall, with a fantastic figure as well as gorgeous long hair so I knew the dresses would all be beautiful on her, the problem was choosing “thee dress.”

After trying several styles, all of which looked good, I pulled out probably the most statement dress that I have at Belle Dress Hire for Arlene to try on which is a full length, leopard print gown with red piping, a crumb catcher bustline with diamante detail and a slit up the front.  This is not a dress for the faint hearted!!!  I just knew the fit and structure of the dress would really flatter her figure and Arlene is lucky to also be young enough to carry a dress like this off.  Once we put the dress on, all the others paled in comparison.  We had found THEE DRESS.  After a quick steam and a press, the dress was ready to be bagged and off Arlene went there and then with the dress for the following night.  Now that’s a quick turnaround on an evening dress!

Arlene has styled the dress absolutely perfectly!  We discussed at the appointment how she would be best to keep accessories to an absolute minimum and to go with something fun in terms of a hair style which she has achieved to dramatic effect!  I believe Arlene made a dramatic entrance and caused major dress envy at the formal and I think you’ll all agree why when you see this photo.  Whether you personally like the dress or not, you cannot deny that it fits and suits Arlene so well and I think she looks beautiful …

arlene 2


Keep things bright this Autumn!!

Ladies, just because we are approaching Halloween, you can see your breath in the morning and apparently the first Christmas tree in Belfast has been spotted at a house just off the Falls Road, doesn’t mean that we have to go all “wintery”.  In other words, dress in bleak and gloomy colours

Already the High Street is filling shop floors with grey, aubergine, plum, brown and beige tones with the odd dot here and there of on trend colour of the moment, blush pink and of course tartan print fabrics which is a major trend right now.  But don’t let this stop you from experimenting with colour!  Just check out Victoria Secret model, Karlie Kloss and actress Olivia Munn, both of whom are rocking bright hues on the red carpet.

Belle Dress Hire just off the M1 motorway at Lisburn, has some really beautiful coloured dresses available to hire at the moment which paired with a fur shrug could be worn to any event up until Christmas!

MeganIMG_020535415-purple-bi-01.2735442-bi-01.27 (1)GreenJulie Anne Cerise