Welcome Back Sandra!!!

I have always liked Sandra Bullock!!  To me she seemed one of the more down to earth and friendly Hollywood actresses plus I did enjoy most of her movies as well.  I didn’t really love her fashion to be honest, some of her choices have been a hit or a miss I think over the years but I did always think that she came across in a very genuine way.

After finding out that her now ex husband, Jesse James was cheating all over the place and adopting a gorgeous little boy called Louis, it seemed as if Sandra had shunned the limelight for the past couple of years.  We haven’t seen her in any blockbusters of late, in fact the last time I remember seeing her on the red carpet was at the 2010 Oscars when she won the coveted Best Actress accolade and literally just a few days later, Jesse’s infidelity hit the headlines.  So I was delighted to see Sandra at this year’s opening of the Venice Film Festival to promote new movie with George Clooney, Gravity ….

So refreshing to actually see a movie star smiling in photos!  Honestly, the red carpet bunch usually look so gloomy and sullen with their pouts so it was great to see a real flash of teeth!!  This dress is great fun, colourful and fits Sandra perfectly showing off the best assets of her figure.  Sandra turned 49 in 2013 folks!  Doesn’t she look fantastic!!!  Hoping this is the start of Sandra coming back to the spotlight again as I’ve missed her!


Ah to be 17 again ….


I saw a photo of Stephen Baldwin’s 17 year old daughter, Hailey as she posed beside him at a red carpet event in Hollywood.  Rather than look like his daughter she could have been mistaken as his date!

Surely at 17, you should be fresh faced and glowing with youth?  Not so for Hailey, instead she looks like a very mature 25 year old and why does her face look so hard to me? It’s as if she’s gone through a lifetime of strife and emotional challenges when I look at her skin and that “hardness” in her eyes.

When I think of a 17 year old, Emma Watson pops into my head as her character Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter.  Minimal make up, simple hair, school uniform (as most girls this age are still studying!) and just a look of innocence that unfortunately naturally fades as you get older.

I was curious to see just how other starlets who are 17 years old are faring at the moment and I came across Abigail Beslin from Little Miss Sunshine and also Claudia Lee from Kick Ass 2.   They look about 30!  And then there’s Courtney Stodden who married at just 16 years of age.

If you look twenty years older than your real age at this early stage of life what the hell can you expect to look like once you hit fourty!!  This is such a shame, as all Courtney need to do is just lay off the make-up, heavy grooming of her hair and just try to soften her overall look as it’s so harsh for somebody so young.  I am now 34 and would do anything to look like a 17 year old again, in fact I pay a small fortune each week on miracle face creams and pills which claim to be able to fulfill that dream!!  Why are the young girls of today so keen to grow up so fast!

Great Fashion Choices!!

I feel bad that I was so negative in my blog earlier today on the bad fashion choices at the 2013 VMAs, so thought I’d write something upbeat to counter balance the negativity!!

Just loving the relaxed look on Victoria Beckham who was snapped at Heathrow Airport in a cute little number.  All too often we see stars boarding flights in ridiculously uncomfortable outfits not fit for travel so it’s refreshing to see Posh in this flirty outfit.

What I love even more about it is the fact that you can so easily replicate this look from bargain buys on the High Street!!  Just snap yourself up a tartan, short kilt skirt, simple black round neck jumper and a pair of suede shoes and Voila!!  Of course the designer, oversized sunglasses and handbag make VB’s kilt look that little bit more “posh” but the rest of this look can be copied from items at Primark, TopShop, New Look and H&M stores.

From one great fashion choice to another …. Georgia May JaggerI do love trouser suits especially when they are tailored and fit the body perfectly.  I think there’s nothing more elegant and chic on a woman.  Normally, I think classic black is the best way to go, but I just adore the gold, shorts version that Georgia wore at a Fashion Show in Sydney, Australia.  The fact that she has legs that go on forever probably makes this outfit look even more amazing but I just love her hair which is so simple and glossy and her minimal make up as well.  This is a fantastic example of a modern, fresh take on a classic trouser suit.  Love Love Love this!!

OMG what the hell went on at this year’s VMAs????

Between One Direction getting booed when they collected the Song of the Summer Award, Lady Gaga surprisingly taking the boys side and telling them “they deserve every bit of success that they have” AND the awfully bad, terrible, cheap and tasteless fashion ensembles I have ever seen in one place …..  Honestly, what the hell were the starlets thinking at the VMAs??

I don’t even know where to start there are so many bad examples to show you!

Let’s begin with the “Teen Queens” Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus first shall we. Selena’s Atelier Versace, navy blue dress …. I’m sorry but this was just really disappointing! It’s as if she decided to vamp up her look and try something abit more risque and sexy however, this dress just looks wrong!  The folded down piece of fabric at the bust to expose a lacy bodice underneath just looks cheap to me.  Also, the way that the dress is stitched to look like pins are holding the seams together – well that’s new!  We haven’t seen that before in 1994 by Liz Hurley!!!  Come on Selena!!!  At least Liz had the boobs and sex appeal to pull this look off almost 20 years ago!!!And then we have Miley Cyrus in a yellow, rubber two piece …..

 Now I know it was a costume for on stage .. but talk about about tasteless!  I’ve been digging her punk look recently alot and I really loved the Dolce and Gabbana outfit which she arrived in at the VMAs and so wish she’d kept it on.  The cute, cropped top with cut off trousers and coloured embellishments is really fresh and young and PERFECT for the VMAs.  It just suits the occasion and her beautifully as this is not the type of event for a full length, formal gown.  Which brings me nicely onto my next victim, Rita Ora.

A 20ft train, seriously?  An assistant to carry the train, are you kidding me?  This choice of dress was completely wrong  for the VMAs.  She simply looked ridiculous.  Rita didn’t look chic, she didn’t look elegant, nor fashion forward or stylish.  Literally, she didn’t tick any boxes for me in this Alexandre Vauthier gown which had it been worn to the correct event with properly groomed hair and accessories would have looked fab on the red carpet.   Epic Fail I’m afraid.

I’m sure you’re wondering if there was anything that I liked at the VMAs this year after all this ranting!


Let’s turn our attention to potty mouthed Taylor Swift, who was brilliantly captured on camera dropping the F bomb as clear as day when Harry Styles was on stage, priceless!  She may have a dirty mouth, but when it comes to fashion, she got it right in a gorgeous Herve Leger, midnight blue dress.  Even though, this was full length to the floor, the fact that it was skin tight and so eye-wateringly low at the bust, made the style more current and added a fabulous sexiness to the look.  I loved her hair and her make up as well.  Just a word to the wise Taylor …. you should know better than anyone that the camera never lies so try being more discrete next time you want to slag off an ex!!!

Love Me Buy Me ….

 Available in black and red

Fancy having a Jessica Rabbit dress in your wardrobe?

This fabulous, full length dress in fiery red is now available for sale at Belle Dress Hire.  It is a mermaid shaped, one shoulder dress with diamante beading across one side of the bust. This dress which has been hired before but is in excellent condition needs a good home!  Will fit size 8-10 and comes with an accompanying wrap for around the shoulders.  If you would like to make an appointment to try the dress on or would like to know the sale price please contact 07708905104 or belledresshire@gmail.com

I have to say the most popular colour of dress for school formals and special occasions has to be red.  I think the colour is synonymous with sexiness and seduction plus it’s a very “evening/party” colour to wear to an event.


Seriously Madonna, act your age!!

55 year old Madonna was snapped recently in Rome, sporting a gold grill when she visited her fitness studio chain, Hard Candy.

So what, you might say?  All the cool celebs seem to be wearing these lately!  And yes, I would totally agree with you, however, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Rhianna have all got one thing in common ….. they’re under 25 years of age!!!

I understand that Madonna is an icon.  Surely she can get away with anything?  She has started more fashion trends than enough which we still can see ignited in recent times for example fingerless gloves and also bralets (without cones however).  But honestly, at Madonna’s age surely she can come up with something better than this?

Think taffeta is old fashioned? You’d be wrong!!

My fashion crush of the moment, Lily Collins demonstrates just how fabulous and modern the fabric taffeta can be!  Lily was seen at the German Premiere of film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with co star Jamie Campbell Bowers in a fabulous two piece.

Generally, people perceive taffeta to be an old fashioned, bridesmaid dress fabric but how wrong you would be to dismiss this fabric choice.  Taffeta is actually extremely flattering on the figure.  With a luxurious sheen within the material and a natural stiffness, taffeta photographs extremely well and lasts for years without losing it’s goodness.

Lily is showing us just how easy it is to pair a current trend of “the cropped top” with an older concept of a fuller skirt.  Add a few bits of chunky, gold jewelry and you have an instant style hit!

When I looked into this in more detail I’ve actually been able to find quite a few celebs who have not been ashamed to don taffeta on the red carpet!  Keira Knightley, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lawrence have all showcased this fabulous fabric before.

At Belle Dress Hire, I have a stunning taffeta, mermaid shaped dress which I wish more ladies would give a chance!  This is exactly the same shape in the skirt as Lily Collin’s so it’s very current and on trend. Available to hire in a size 10, this style also comes with an accompanying wrap for around the shoulders and would look absolutely stunning at a wedding ….

Jane & Grainne

Customer on the right of photo wearing full length, black taffeta with blue bodice dress.


Beyonce’s new blonde bob …

I posted just last week about how disappointed I was in Beyonce’s “new do”.  First of all, she cropped her hair into a pixie cut which I loved and thought was very cutting edge and dramatic.  Then to my dismay, she added extensions to the either side of her head at the front, giving the world famous diva a very dishevelled, “boho” look which to be honest just doesn’t suit her or her fashion style.  Maybe Beyonce was trying to prove that she can be a chameleon with her look and we shouldn’t just always expect her with long flowing hair and short hot pants.  Regardless of this, Beyonce has now gone on to change her hair once again, this time sporting a very sleek, platinum blonde bob.

Now, you would think I’d be delighted with the fact that she had very quickly ditched the “short at the back/long at the front” look that I despised BUT you’d be wrong!  COME ON Beyonce, if you’re trying to start trends, this isn’t the way to go!!!  My God,we have seen this look SO many times and even as far back as when Victoria Beckham was referred to as Posh!

Jenny McCarthy, NeNe Leakes, Jenni Garth, Nicki Minaj, even Paris Hilton have ALREADY rocked before!

I’m glad Beyonce has tidied up her look but why she just didn’t stick with the initial pixie cut which unbelievably made her face and skin look even more beautiful than they already are I will never know.  I continue to be disappointed with Beyonce’s hair at the moment and it’s really frustrating!!


Loving Lily!!!!

The absolutely stunning, 24 year old, Lily Collins is just not making the headlines for her acting ability but for her amazing sense of fashion and THOSE eyebrows!!!!

I have never felt so jealous of brows before and feel ashamed that mine have been plucked beyond repair, how I wish I could turn back time…..

Eyebrows are so very important, as they frame our face and can highlight personality and expression.  There have been some disastrous, exaggerated examples of brow shapes by the TOWIE cast in recent years so it’s refreshing to see how Lily has kept her’s so natural and full.  She will be making many women out there regret ever buying eyebrow tweezers as we all know once you start plucking it’s incredibly hard to stop!!

Enough about the brows, let’s move onto Lily’s sense of style which has proven to be innovative, young and extremely diverse.

It of course helps because Lily is very slim and extremely beautiful with raven black hair and a porcelain complexion so everything potentially should look good on her!  However, it seems that Lily is not afraid to experiment with fashion and try completely different looks.  No matter what style she has decided to go for, you’ll see by the evidence below, Lily ALWAYS looks very groomed yet fresh and young and above all, natural.  As a 24 year old girl in Hollywood, a large number of actresses around her age should take note of Lily and the fact that you don’t need to show alot of skin or wear lots of make up to look sexy and make the front pages of the papers and magazines.  I am really looking forward to watching Lily very closely on the red carpet during the rest of 2013 …



Fancy a change like Beyonce??

It was all over the media this week when Beyonce posted a selfie with shorn locks!  Gone was the mass of blonde waves we all know her for and in their place was a short, pixie style haircut.


Now this pixie hairstyle has been very popular over the years with the likes of Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and of course Halle Berry all championing this ok.

I thought it so very brave of Beyonce to go all the way with this look because I also have really long hair and it becomes a comfort blanket at times and a curtain to hide behind if necessary as well.  With really short hair, you are so exposed!  There’s nowhere to hide! Your skin needs to be flawless and a petite, slim jawline is a must to sport this look in order to maintain an air of femininity.  I also applauded Beyonce for trying something different, especially now that she’s a working mum, surely having less hair to style each day is bound to be a relief, right?  BUT alas, within days Beyonce must have felt the overexposure of her scalp just a tad too much to handle as a photo emerged today of her showing a short cut at the back with longer layers at the front.

I’m really disappointed.  I think this look is ghastly! It’s neither here nor there and the hair looks in really bad condition.

In fact, Giuliana Rancic from E News had a similar “non-descript” hairstyle recently which I’m glad to say she has changed to a sleeker, more groomed bob.

I think where hair is concerned you need to go either long or short with a definitive style and shape to the hair.  Beyonce this new look is so blah honestly and looks really untidy and dare I say it not becoming of a DIVA!!   Please change it immediately!!!