Too Thin??

We’ve all been there girls and me more than most to be honest.  I’ve tried every diet going from literally starving myself to no carb to gym addiction.  It seems we are constantly bombarded with images of the “body beautiful” in the media these days, but when do you cross the line and look too thin?


Nicole Ritchie and Victoria Beckham are always in the headlines for being too thin.  Are bones sticking out really attractive?  Is this what guys find sexy?  Personally, I have to say no but I appreciate that losing a few pounds does make you feel good!  Before you hit that crash diet you’ve heard about just think about 5 serious health conditions that can arise from being too thin…..

5: Heart Disease and Diabetes

4: Lowered Immune System

3: Anemia

2: Fertility Issues

1: Osteoporosis and Broken Bones

When I see girls for appointments in Belle Dress Hire that have curves in the right places, the evening dresses look so much better!  The dresses fit better and definitely have more shape.  Scarlett Johansson, Kate Upton and Kelly Brook show how having a few extra pounds of flesh on your bones really does look fantastic.


Belle Customer renews wedding vows …

_MG_0416-1 (2)


Doesn’t Karen look stunning?  Karen came to Belle as she was renewing her wedding vows and so wanted a long dress which wasn’t overly formal in style but more elegant.  We decided on this dress as it had a vintage look which Karen really suited.  It also had feather detailing at the neck and lace down through the skirt rather than diamante or beading which would have given a more evening dress look.

Karen has matched the style of this dress perfectly with “Bette Davis” hair and 40’s inspired make up which I absolutely love.

This dress is available to hire in the purple shade you see in the photo and also in black in sizes 12, 14 and 16.

Congratulations Karen, you look absolutely gorgeous and I’m so glad the snow didn’t affect your celebrations!!

Big skirted dresses back in fashion!

I know “big” prom style dresses for a formal or event have been considered as old fashioned or dare I say it …. “Gypsy Weddingish” of late but some of the ladies at this year’s Oscars both young and more mature, showed us just how show stopping a more voluminous dress can be!

Belle Dress Hire has a few “fuller skirt” styles which are calling out to be hired!  I have had difficulty asking customers to give these dresses a try when they come for an appointment but once they have tried them on, they’ve been amazed at how stylish the dresses look.  There are lots of positives if you go for a more voluminous dress for your event – you can keep accessories to a minimum (which saves you money!), you can generally get away with shoes you already have in the wardrobe because no one can see your feet, you will stand out in a room full of slinky, more fitted dresses plus you can actually dance and enjoy your dinner without having to hold your tummy in all night!!

A very important and crucial thing to bear in mind if you want to go for a similar style , is to ensure that the top of the dress fits immaculately!  The bust and waist must fit very snugly so that you still have shape definition.  If I get an invitation to an event soon, I know I would definitely want to make a style statement and go for a bigger skirted dress. …


Have to blog about this Belle Customer again …

I simply had to put up some more photos of recent customer Tara in her gorgeous white and gold dress at this year’s Inst formal.  This grecian inspired style looks simply stunning in these photos!  Tara was the first to wear this dress as it had only just arrived in from Paris but I have a feeling it’s going to be a very popular choice at Belle Dress Hire!


Sorry Kim but you just keep getting it wrong!!

She is one of the most read and talked about celebrities of our time.  Kim Kardashian has now hit the 5 months stage of her pregnancy and for some bizarre reason she continues to be confused as how to best dress her changing shape.

I just don’t understand how she or a stylist would think that pouring her into a tan leather dress would look good!!


Not only does this not flatter her shape at all, it looks extremely uncomfortable!  Top this heavy leather fabric with a pair of spanx (sneakily snapped below) and I’m guessing Kim must feel so bulky, awkward and cumbersome on this shopping trip.

I applaud Kim for taking her fashion style so seriously at this stage of her pregnancy and for wearing those heels!!!  But I would advise her to ditch the current stylist who continues to put her in these ridiculous outfits and contact a maternity wear supplier who would do a much better job of dressing her!


Truly Truesdale Magic….

frida 2frida

Here we see the stunning Frida Truesdale striking a few poses at the La Mon hotel.  Undeterred by the snow, high winds and rain at the weekend, Frida looked absolutely fabulous in this two piece from Belle Dress Hire.  This outfit comes from Paris and is extremely stylish.  If you dare to be different, this is definitely the outfit for you!  The corset top means that your waist is very clearly defined and the layered tulle skirt is both feminine and pretty.  This outfit whilst perfect for black tie can also be worn to a wedding with pearls and a fascinator in the hair.  Not to be outdone, Frida’s sister-in-law and 2013 NIFMA champion, Leanne Truesdale looks fantastic in a new dress which has recently arrived at Belle Dress Hire.  Leanne wears the strapless, magenta gown beautifully.  The dress is very simple in design but gives the wearer a fantastic shape as it is cut so well and gives a great nipped in waist.  Plus the gorgeous high split means you can show off your legs to fantastic effect!!!  As I said in the title, Truly Truesdale Magic, ladies you both look stunning!

leanne magentaLeanne magenta 2

Practically identical dress to Beyonce’s available at Belle …


Beyonce attended The Grammy Awards a number of years ago with her estranged father and former manager in a beautiful black and gold beaded gown.

Belle Dress Hire has an almost identical size 6/8 dress available to hire, the only difference is the colour!  Check out this extremely similar dress to Beyonce’s in a vibrant orange …


Channel Kerry Washington’s look …


Kerry sporedt a strapless, black, bustier inspired gown with tulle skirt at the recent Human Rights Campaign Gala.

You can get a similar look to this dress at Belle Dress Hire!  I have two styles to choose from which are available in sizes 8/10.  Both feature a bustier type bodice with layered and/or pleated tulle skirt.

Julie Ann


Shoes that look like a gun at an airport, honestly Tara Palmer-Tomkinson have you no common sense???



I present to you a pair of Chanel “gun” shoes ……

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was apparently denied the right to carry these through security at Zurich airport at the weekend and I have to ask, what the hell did she expect????

In the days where a mascara or perfume can be taken off you if it doesn’t fulfill the airline “ml” hand luggage requirements, how did Tara actually think that these would be acceptable?  I would have a little more sympathy if the shoes were actually nice but surely these belong in a “dress up” box or costume shop?  Certainly not for a trip down the local shops or an airport for that matter!  Honestly, use your common sense next time Tara!



Soft pink steals the show at Wallace High School Formal

nettleship 2


Clare Nettleship looks absolutely gorgeous in this full length, strapless, grecian inspired gown.  The reason that this style works so well is that the colour is actually a very soft shade of pink.  Extremely complimentary on a range of hair colours whether you are blonde, brunette or auburn.  Tanned skin is an absolute must with this dress as Clare has done perfectly, simply because the colour is very pale and has a tendency to “wash you out.”  Clare has done an amazing job on her makeup which she did herself ladies!!!  Teaming the style with a beautiful cerise pink lip and a delicate smoky eye.  I’m also loving her softly curled hair and diamante accessories.  Clare was delighted as apparently there was a big shortage of pink dresses at the formal so she really stood out and for all the right reasons!