Beyonce’s new trainers!

Check out the custom made trainers ordered by Beyonce recently!  Made of anaconda, stingray, ostrich and crocodile skins, these definitely wouldn’t be the type of footwear you’d wear to a training session at the gym.

Apparently, a regular pair of these shoes would set the average Joe back around £230 but as these were custom made for the diva, she will be looking at a much bigger bill!  To be honest I can think of so many other fashionable items that I’d rather spend my paycheck on.  What do you guys think?

Sorry girls, these were also pretty bad looks …

Tut tut tut tut ……….. Firstly, let’s talk about the worst of these two.  Renee Zellweger, we haven’t seen you on the big screen recently so this was your chance to remind us all of what a fabulous star you are.  But what do you do?  Wear the most hideous, cheap looking gold lame dress.  Now this was designed by Carolina Herrera who designs beautiful gowns but unfortunately she missed the mark on this one.  Renee looks like she literally pulled her hair back into a bobble, it looks so untidy and unflattering.  The colour of this dress does nothing for Renee’s skin tone either.  All in all, a massive failure!

I am not a Kristen Stewart fan at all, either of her acting or from what I know of her personal life but that aside, I thought this Reem Acra dress did nothing for her at all.  I know I know, the girl was on crutches!!  BUT I’m sorry that can’t make me like this pale pink brocade dress with tulle which doesn’t even fit Kristen properly.  Again, the hair looks so lack lustre and even the jewelry fails to impress, sorry!

2013 Oscar Horrors!!

Heidi Klum, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????  This is so totally inappropriate!!!  I don’t believe Heidi wore this dress on the red carpet but she did don the gown to Elton John’s annual Oscar party.  Not only is the dress far too revealing, not being harsh, but she’s far too busty and old to wear a neckline like this but what was her hairstylist doing???!!!  This hairstyle looks like it belongs in a Dynasty story line.

I understand that Heidi is going through divorce proceedings and this is bound to take its toll, but she has lost an awful lot of weight which means she looks like a lollipop and again this just looks awful.  Between the scary skinny frame, the bad hair and eye popping cleavage, Heidi gets the ultimate thumbs down for this look.  She has to sack her stylist!!!

My Favourite 2013 Oscar gown goes to ….

How STUNNING does Charlize Theron look!!!!!!!  This custom made Christian Dior gown is simply breath taking.  It’s so simple, but oozes elegance and style.  Charlize knows how to wear a dress there’s no doubt about that.  She exudes confidence and absolutely rocks that super short pixie style haircut.  Even with the “boyish” crop, Charlize still looks the epitome of feminine grace.  The structured waist of this gown is the only “hard” thing about this entire look.

Charlize also very cleverly kept her make up very simple but wait you check out a close up of her wrist …………you should look at the sparkle!!!  OMG, absolutely gorgeous!  This lady is 37 years old and left the younger starlets, half her age for dust on the Oscar red carpet this year.  One hundred percent, without a doubt, my favourite look of the night.

Oscar 2013 High’s ….


The ladies below were definitely among my favourites at this year’s Oscar celebrations.  All very different styles but impeccably tailored and accessorized to perfection!  I champion Zoe Saldana and Naomi Watts for their red carpet choices, simply because they stood out.  No one else wore anything remotely similiar to the event.  Whilst Zoe decided to go with a nude lip and understated make up, Jessica Chastain definitely completed her look with a fantastic red lipstick, channelling Jessica Rabbit with her lightly waved hair.  Just beautiful!  Let’s not forget Jennifer Lawrence in her show stopping Dior Couture gown!  As the face of Dior it was expected that she would wear one of the designer’s gowns but no one would have foreseen the amazing bejewelled back necklace she teamed with the dress which is something I have never seen before. 

Great style at Brit Awards? I really don’t think so …

I thought the fashion style at this year’s Brit Awards was simply awful!!  Honestly, there’s wasn’t one single outfit on the red carpet that captured my imagination or my heart.

I mean, is this seriously the best that Katherine Jenkins can do?  Putting the hideous dress aside, who did her makeup and hair?  Totally unflattering and just awful.  Even a Bond Girl gets it wrong and looks horrendous!!!






New dresses coming from Paris …

I’m really excited to let you all know that there will be a delivery of 5 gorgeous new styles from Paris to Belle Dress Hire the first week in March!

In a variety of colours – red, magenta, turquoise, white and purple, these fabulous new dresses in sizes 6 and 8 will be a delightful addition to the stock already available for hire at Belle.

The new styles are from a very exclusive Paris collection and are not available for the general public to buy.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the new dresses arriving in early March …..


Belle Customer wows in white …

Rachel LynchRachel on the left hand side of this photo, simply oozes class and sophistication in this full length, winter white, one shoulder, grecian inspired gown available at Belle Dress Hire in sizes 8, 10 and 12.  This dress comes from London and has gold/bronze beading at the waist.  An extremely elegant dress but beware as it’s unforgiving so I would definitely recommend control, flesh coloured, seamless underwear with this one!


Some more gorgeous Belle Dress Hire Customers …

Check out these fabulous, beautiful ladies!!

Shannen in the photo on the left is wearing a stunning, grecian inspired, strapless dress in the most gorgeous soft pink colour (photo doesn’t show the actual colour very well). Lisa second from the end on the right hand photo is rocking a dress which I ordered in from Paris in a stunning electric blue.  Both dresses are full length and extremely elegant.  Thank you ladies for coming to Belle!  It was a pleasure meeting you both and I hope to see you again soon for another appointment.
ShannenLisa Spratt

Serious Fashion Envy!

I am absolutely LOVING Nicole Ritchie and Julianne Hough!

Julianne’s mod dress is such a gorgeous tangerine colour which adds a splash of brightness to this current awful weather.  She makes me feel sunny just looking at her.  So chic and I would love this style for my wardrobe.  Nicole looks fabulous here as well in just a simple, long sleeved, black tee paired with grey, patterned harem pants.  As we all know, the harem trouser adds bulk to your shape so it definitely helps to be as slim as Nicole but she has very cleverly teamed the pant with a dark coloured top which is always more slimming and by tucking the top into the trousers we can see her neat waist.  Clever styling, clever girl.  Have fashion envy!