Jennifer Lopez just keeps getting better and better …

She’s always been sexy “Jen from the block”, but recent outfits at events prove that Jennifer Lopez is getting better with age!!  I think Jennifer now knows exactly what shape and style suits her best so she keeps churning out stylish outfit after outfit.  I absolutely LOVE her dress from the Golden Globes.  It’s sexy yet elegant.  By keeping hair and make up very simple, it’s all about the amazing dress.  I just hope I can look this good at her age and after having 2 children!!


The fabulous Glynnis Greene in a belle dress …

The fabulous Glynnis came to belle looking for an unusual, statement dress as she was entering the Rose of Tralee.  I was so excited to find Glynnis this amazing diamante detailed red dress which was absolutely stunning with her dark hair and under the bright lights of the stage.  This dress is very fitted down through the body and then swings out into a long train and fuller skirt at the bottom.  This is an extremely sexy dress so Glynnis kept her hair and make up quite simple as well as minimal accessories so that it was all about the dress.  This dress is also available at belle dress hire in black and comes with matching wrap for around the shoulders.

Jennifer Lawrence major wardrobe malfunction!!

We all know there’s nothing more horrifying than turning up at an event and seeing another female in exactly the same dress!  Thee most cringe worthy moment when you want the ground to open up and swallow you, right??  However, there is a situation even worse than this, much worse!  How do you think you would feel if you ripped your dress at a Hollywood Awards ceremony in front of hundreds of your peers and the world’s press were there to capture it all on film?  Your absolute worst nightmare, right?  I give you poor Jennifer Lawrence at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ….

Poor Jennifer accepted her Best Female Actor Award after ripping her gown in full view of the audience!

Yet more beautiful Belle Dress Hire Customers ….

I give you the fabulous and very glamorous McGlone Ladies!  These wonderful sisters came to Belle Dress Hire looking for three evening dresses to wear to a very special event.  Each of the McGlone girls had a very different style in mind when it came to choosing the perfect dress but they all had one goal in mind which was to look stylish and elegant which we definitely achieved.

Definitely Belle of the Ball!

Here we see the absolutely fabulous Aoife looking so stylish and elegant in a unique and very special belle dress which she hired for her school formal.  Think everyone will agree, Aoife looks stunning!

Tulisa shows us her Spanx!

I posted just a few days ago about the glorious wonders that a pair of Spanx can do!  I named a few Hollywood actresses who have admitted they wear Spanx to premieres and award ceremonies but here’s one who is even closer to home ……. Tulisa, caught on camera, unwittingly flashes her thigh high pair of Spanx to her UK fans at the National Television Awards!


Belle Customer in all her glory …

I love it when my customers send me photos of themselves in their dresses!  This particular client loved the dress she hired so much she wore it again the next day and asked her husband to take more photos of her!  Think we can all agree this silhouette suits her perfectly.  The waist nips in lovely and fitted at the smallest point of her body so even though the dress has a fuller skirt, she still shows off a great figure and tiny waist.  It doesn’t show up very well here in the photo, but underneath the tulle skirt is a layer of fabric with gold lace detail which shimmers through the tulle.  My client has finished the look with great costume jewelry and an updo, keeping this look fresh, current and young.  Looking good Mrs Tohill!!!

Tiny Handbags are apparently all the rage, but can they hold everything you need for a night out??

We see Alexa Chung channeling the new “tiny tote” handbag at a recent fashion show.  To be honest, I personally don’t carry alot on a night out in my handbag but I do know people who practically take the bathroom cupboard with them!  A girl that I know very well even goes as far as taking instant fake tan and her “mitt” so if she has a tan disaster, this can be quickly remedied on a trip to the ladies.  She has come to the rescue of so many girls over the years with streaked legs and arms, makes me laugh just thinking about our experiences in the ladies toilets on night’s out.

I simply take tissues, cash or card, house key, phone and lip balm.  So what do you carry in your bag?  Could you fit everything you need in a bag like Alexa Chung?


How do we feel about men who like fashion?

Love or hate his music, love or hate his style, you have to hand it to Kanye West.  I think it’s actually refreshing to see a guy who is interested in fashion!  Why shouldn’t men take a more avid interest in their appearance?  Surely this is to be admired.

Take David Beckham as another example. The guy could wear a plastic bag and still make it look good!  And no one does a penguin suit better than Daniel Craig.

I have to say I’m not a fan of the Russell Brand or One Direction band members and their skinny jeans look but I do like to see a man who is confident and who wants to look good!  Let’s be honest, we don’t ever want to compete with a man for time in the bathroom or in front of the mirror but certainly it is nice when a guy spends time getting ready and puts effort into his clothes.

When I think about it  …. us ladies can sometimes take all day to get ready for a date between time for a spray tan, nail and hair appointments, shopping for the “perfect outfit”, shaving our bodies within an inch of our lives, make up application, the list goes on and on ….  How disappointing that after hours and hours of preparation to look as fabulous as we possibly can, our date sprays some deodorant, splashes his face with water and throws on a clean t-shirt and jeans whilst shouting up the stairs, “Come on love, it’s time we were going!”.

As as I said before, I wouldn’t like my man to take more time getting ready than me or spending more hours down the high street but at the same time, a little effort never hurt anyone!  I don’t think my husband will be donning a fur edged coat aka Kanye West in the photo above but in his Vivienne Westwood shirt and Hugo Boss jeans, he’s a style icon to me!


Spanx – Not just for celebrities and here’s why!

This is a product that crosses spectrums! Ordinary, everyday women can share and have something very relatable in common with red carpet celebrities!

Whether we live in the hills of Hollywood or in Belfast, women want to look the best they possibly can and to make the most of the shape that they have.  Enter Spanx!!  Who doesn’t want the illusion of shaving off a few inches from their waist, hips and bum???  Especially after those mince and pork pies over Christmas.

Ladies, if they’re good enough for Kim K, Jessica Alba and Beyonce to name but a few, then Spanx is good enough for us!!  Some female celebrities seem to defy the laws of nature when we see them grace the red carpet at movie premieres, but just how real is it??  Famous actresses and music stars have said that they even go as far as wearing two and three pairs of spanx at a time!  Now that’s dedication right there.

Remember girls, Spanx not only takes off inches it also smoothes out your body shape and gives you a sleeker line.  This is really important regardless of your size when wearing a long evening/formal dress.  At belle dress hire, I recommend that everyone wears a pair of spanx when they hire a dress from me because of this very reason.  In fact, you will very soon be able to buy a pair of spanx at belle dress hire for an affordable price when hiring at belle dress hire!