Mad Men Magic …


Just LOVE this Marvel adaptation of “Red” and Don!  Have to say the style and cut of clothes back in the 60s for women were absolutely fantastic.  Ladies back then knew how to dress!  Classic shapes, high quality fabrics with just a little bit of sex appeal thrown in seems to summarise the dress code of this decade.  Wish some of these iconic styles would return to the red carpet!

Tummy trouble Kim K??


Celebrities are braving the harsh December temperatures by baring their tummies!  We see Diane Kruger effortlessly display this trend in a beautiful ensemble which is both sexy but very feminine at the same time.  Poor Kim K on the other hand sports an absolute disaster of an outfit which does her fabulous curves no justice at all!  Her waist is hanging over the skirt which is just too tight and her choice of lycra, sleeveless top makes her look really busty and not in a good way!  I say Sack the Stylist Kim ASAP!


It’s a definite NO on this outfit Kristen Stewart!


The fit is awful, the fabric looks so cheap and the colour does nothing for Kristen’s pale skin tone.  This is just a disaster of an outfit as far as I’m concerned.  It’s just wrong on so many levels.  The most annoying thing is that Kristen has her pick of designers to choose from and she picks this!!!????

Load up on the Sequin dresses …

During the X Factor final, Tulisa and Nicole rocked full length sequin dresses and they both looked fantastic.

Nicole in a deep set burgundy red with full sleeves and Tulisa in a strapless Silver gown ..

At belle dress hire, I have some fabulous sequin dresses available for hire so you too can emulate this celebrity look.  Check out these stunning dresses for your next party!

Leopardprint OVERLOAD is not a good look!


I love my leopard print as much as anyone, but Stella McCartney goes slightly overboard in this ensemble.  I rocked leopard print, pencil leg trousers on Friday night but paired them with an over-sized plain black top, black shoes and bag.  I understand that Stella is promoting her new range but I don’t think it will have anyone clambering to buy this particular outfit.

How NOT to do accessories Kim K!!!!!


I would absolutely LOVE to find a solid gold rolex in my stocking this year ………. somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen. That’s why I was appalled to see Kim K who has totally trashed the look of a stunning watch.  She (or perhaps her stylist) has paired a timeless piece with gaudy bangles, not only one but TWO for God’s sake on either side.  It makes her £30,000 minimum Rolex look cheap and tacky.  If I had this watch, I probably wouldn’t even wear clothes with it in case it took away from its glory!  Well …….. I probably wouldn’t go that far, but I certainly wouldn’t team it with more accessories up to my elbow.  Really disappointed in this dire mistake by Kim K!

Oh NO!! Someone turns up in the same dress ….


At the Mon Cheri party to celebrate St Barbara’s Day in Munich, every girl’s worst nightmare happened.  Poor Boris Becker’s wife, Sharley turned up at the event in the same dress, albeit a different colour, as her friend Karen Webb!

When you hire a dress at belle dress hire, you need never worry that someone will turn up in the same outfit! I follow a strict routine which means that I take a note of the event you’re going to, the venue and the date so the same dress (even in a different size or colour) is not hired to someone attending the same event.