Red still Rules!

I posted very recently about the popularity of red dresses and the trend seems to be continuing when we see Katherine Jenkins in this fabulous, full length red dress. At this time of year for Christmas parties, weddings and special occasions, consider something different to the “usual” black and go for fiery red!  It’s occasional and indeed fashionable.  Check out some stunning red dresses available for hire at belle dress hire below …

Emily Blunt proves white is still alright!


Looking fabulous at the Gotham Awards is Cipriani recently, Emily shows us how it’s done.  I’m not crazy about the length of this dress to be honest, but this demonstrates that white can still be worn at this time of year!

Check out this beautiful, grecian inspired, full length white dress, available at belle dress hire …

Lindsay Lohan shows why you won’t find satin at belle dress hire ….

SATIN! It’s one of thee most difficult fabrics to wear as it wrinkles like mad, clings to every lump and bump so that the skinniest of frames seem bigger than they are PLUS it’s a cheap fabric to buy and therefore looks cheap on!

I made a decision not to stock satin gowns at belle dress hire for all of the reasons above.




Jessica Alba: Get a similiar look at belle dress hire …

Jessica Alba wore a stunning dress to the first baby2baby gala in California in early November. Even though parts of America have considerably warmer weather than us, she rocked a beautiful short sleeve, tulle gown. I had to agree with Joan Rivers and the gang on Fashion Police that the dress did need shortened at the bottom but apart from that, this dress is simply gorgeous!

belle dress hire has a fabulous tulle capped sleeve dress available for hire. Although the style of this dress is completely different in terms of the fabric and shape, the top of the dress is exactly the same as Jessica’s. It’s probably hard to see in this photo, but the top of this dress is completely made from nude/gold tulle, with a short sleeve. So elegant, so chic and definitely red carpet worthy ….

Christina Aguilera gets the fit completely wrong ….

I have said on this blog so many times about the importance of the correct fit of dress so as to make the most of your shape. Christina Aguilera gets it SO wrong in this purple and lilac dress! In terms of the positive, the draping means that it brings Christina’s smallest part, aka her waist, in nice and neat but the bust is too high up and from the back this dress looks absolutely dreadful! No point looking good from the front if the back is a disaster! The back looks so ill fitting and the fabric is puckering at the zip. It also looks like they have added a piece in at the back so as to make this dress fit around Christina which looks dreadful. The choice of chiffon fabric is also not good as there is no stretch or structure to the dress so as to make the most of Christina’s curves. Her make-up is actually quite nice but really there’s nothing else good to say about this look.

This actually makes me mad, as she has millions in the bank and can afford the very best of clothes but instead she chooses this???!! Maddening!


Ashley Greene dons midnight blue…. get this amazing colour at belle dress hire!


When you simply want something different and are tired of black but still want a slimming colour of dress …. Choose midnight blue or navy like Ashley Greene did recently at the Twilight Screening in New York.

A midnight blue/navy dress I always think is a little less harsh than black.  It suits all hair colouring and skin tones.  It’s such a rich and elegant colour I don’t know why we don’t all have more of this hue in our wardrobes!

belle dress hire has some beautiful navy dresses available for hire at the moment so you can emulate a similiar look to Ashley Greene and other celebrities.

Check out this fully boned, strapless dress with a small hint of diamante detail at the hip now available in navy blue.  This is one of belle’s most popular styles as it gives the wearer such a fantastic shape! With this dress, you can show off a nipped in waist whilst hiding a curvy hip.  Also available to hire in midnight blue is this wonderful backless, heavily embellished collar dress. No jewellry required with this one!  The dress speaks for itself! So glamorous and absolutely fabulous!

Navy Blue













So Posh DOES have a sense of humour after all!


I have heard countless celebrities say they were amazed to discover that on meeting Victoria Beckham, she has a wicked sense of humour!  Now I truly believe it when I saw a photo with her face superimposed onto Victoria Principals body as a tribute to the TV legendary show, Dallas which apparently Posh has loved for a long time. She’s not smiling of course but I did laugh when I saw this!

belle completes transformation in record time!

Belle dress hire goes above and beyond to satisfy customers!  A lady called at 5:15 pm yesterday evening and was to be at a black tie event in Belfast for 6:30 pm.  We tried a selection of dresses on before she chose a gorgeous full length, sequin, black and silver gown.  A quick application of tan and make up, a spray of deodorant, hairspray and perfume and she was good to go! The entire transformation went something like this …

  • 5:15 pm – customer arrives at belle dress hire
  • 5:20-5:45 pm – selection of dresses tried on 
  • 5:45-5:55 pm – hair, tanning, make up and eyelash application 
  • 6 pm – customer leaves belle dress hire to attend event in Belfast for 6:30 pm

In a record 45 minutes, the customer walked down the drive to her car, fully dressed and groomed to perfection.  Looking fabulous in a really short space of time, it certainly was belle dress hire’s quickest and most enjoyable transformation for a customer.

Seeing Red at GQ Men of the Year Awards …

Recently held at Hollywood hot spot, Chateau Marmont, the GQ Men of the Year Awards saw stars such as Rihanna, Jennie Garth and more seeing red.

Rihanna decided to brave the cold in a mere “slip” of a dress that some would remark looks like a nightie!  No one however can deny that she is really sexy in this number.  She keeps her accessories and hair simple, complimenting the look with a red lip and red shoes.  Unfortunately, Jennie doesn’t look so good in her outfit which doesn’t seem to be tailored very well at all to fit her body shape.  The zips also make this look cheap.



Be Brave with Fashion like Hollywood …


At the recent LALMA Art & Film Gala event, the Hollywood actresses show us just how adventurous they are willing to be with fashion.  This is exciting and a breath of fresh air as far as I’m concerned.  We are seeing expressions of colour, texture and also showing a little more flesh that usual aka Rosie Huntington Whitely.  Girls, don’t be afraid to experiment with fashion!  Make it fun and individual!