Red Carpet meets the Catwalk!

NY Fashion week recently took place and word on the streets are that …… Grey is the new nude for next season!

Grey is a notoriously difficult colour to pull off but as a blonde I have worn it before with neutral make up and made it pop with a really strong red lip.  If you’re dark haired, you simply need to keep the make up really simple with perhaps the a hint of a smoky eye.

If you get it right, a rich charcoal grey can be extremely elegant and sophisticated.

The Emmys are showing on TV tomorrow night so can’t wait to see the red carpet as there will be lots of examples of the A/W 2012 and 2013 trends!

Trouser Suits BIG for Autumn 2012 ….

The trouser suit or “pant suit” as our US patrons like to call it, always comes in and out of fashion.  That’s why it’s a good decision to buy a suit that may be expensive but is cut perfectly and suits our shape as it can be pulled out of the wardrobe season after season.

Kate Hudson shows us in Gucci how a “pant suit” should be done at the Venice Film Festival.  This looks effortlessly chic and sophisticated.  The colour choice is so flexible in terms of a shoe and top underneath.  I love this look!

However by the same token, we need to talk about Florence Welch who also attended the Festival in a suit taken straight off the Miu Miu runway.  Florence decided to ditch the jacket which I have to say was the wrong decision as this may have been the thread to at least try to pull this outfit together.  I love the clash of pattern which is bang on trend and I’m all for showing off good shoes but these trousers are way too short!  Florence looks like a a schoolgirl who’s mum can’t afford to buy a bigger size in their uniform.  People who know me, would know that I’m not Florence’s biggest fan in terms of fashion and in music……….

However, there are definitely elements of this look that I like but overall, my thoughts are that this outfit is a miss.


Elle MacPherson Gets it Right on Trend!

Ladies, I present to you the gorgeous and fabulous Elle MacPherson.  Born on 29th March 1963, there is no doubt that she has come along way since her days as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model in the 80s!

Elle was  attending as a guest at a Parisian wedding and whilst some might question the colour choice of this outfit, that aside, this top to toe designer outfit by Azzedine Alaia displays everything that’s good about the current lace and lazer cut trends.  There’s no doubt about it, you really need the height and long legs to pull this off which Elle does to absolute perfection.  It’s nice to see Elle’s hair back from her face for a change as well.  Perhaps she went with this because of the occasion but it certainly looks more age appropriate and compliments the outfit beautifully.

I just feel sorry for the poor bride!!  Apparently, Carla Bruni was in attendance as a guest as well!




Gwyneth Paltrow hailed as world’s best dressed woman of 2012 ….

According to over 42 million readers of People magazine in the US, the coveted style icon title of this year goes to ………… Gwyneth Paltrow


At 39 years of age and mother of two children, Gwyneth obviously still has what it takes in the fashion stakes.  Over time, there have been a few hiccups along the way however, remember that sugar pink ballgown at the Oscars in 1998 or that God awful Alexander McQueen outfit??

All well, I guess we can all have an off day!  Gwyneth’s style has matured over the years into simple and understated elegance.  She does however, still know how mix things up and rock her “sexy” showing off those never ending pins of hers …

Not only does Gwyneth keep her fashion choices classy and feminine but she also follows this through in her make up and hair selection which completes the look to maximum effect.

We always see a consistency to her look which entails glossy blonde locks, a hint of a sun-kissed glow, a nude lip and a beige eye.  This is the natural look which Gwyneth successfully pulls off time and time again.

We salute you Gwyneth!!!




“Fashions come and go, but style is for ever”

I came across this wonderful quote by the infamous Yves Saint Laurent very recently and it really struck a cord with me.

I definitely am a girl that studies the catwalk trends, trawls through celebrity fashion in magazines as well as online and take an interest in general everyday fashion choices that people make whom I pass in the street.  I love to see the new trends by the illustrious fashion designers come to live on the High Street but let’s face it, not every trend suits everyone.

I would say I try to use various “pieces” of trends by introducing a particular on-trend colour for example into my wardrobe but keeping to the silhouette shapes and fabrics that I know flatter my figure the best.

Sometimes it’s best to just let a trend pass you by because (A) it will be out of style as quickly as it came in (B)  it does nothing for your figure or confidence (C) you’ll look like every other girl out there on a Saturday night and (D) you will die when you look back at photos of yourself in ten years time and say “What was I thinking!!!!”

Yves Saint Laurent introduced the Smoking Jacket back in 1966 which was the first male dinner jacket cut for a woman’s body.  We now see style icons such as Kate Moss, Alexa Chung as well as the footballer wives like Abbey Clancy and Alex Gerrard rock a tailored dinner jacket with jeans, pencil trousers etc  This goes to prove that Yves knew exactly what he was talking about when he said “Fashions come and go, but style is for ever.”

So don’t run out every month and squander your paycheck on the latest fashions, take time to think whether it’s really the best trend for you and also the best way to spend your hard earned money!!!!  Rather than splurge on the latest “jeggings” craze maybe a tailored, classic, timeless women’s dinner jacket is the way to go ….