Autumn/Winter trends for 2012

I recently went shopping and was amazed to see that autumn fashion trends are already hitting the high street.  Let’s be honest, we didn’t really even have a summer to speak of and I know I’ve already had the hot water bottle and fleecy pj’s out!  But that’s between us …

So what can we expect to see in the shops for autumn into winter? H&M have lots of rich colours such as mustard, burgundy, purple and orange coming into play.  However, they keep things playful and feminine with the addition of very pretty Peter Pan collars.  This particular style of collar which is flat with a rounded edge, is named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan.

Brocade which I have posted about before, rich and regal fabrics such as velvet and leather with lots of heavy pattern will be massive this season.  It depends on how far you want to take this particular trend as it can look a little much walking down the street in comparison to the runways of Paris and Milan.  Go for a white shirt with high standing frilled collar and velvet/brocade trousers or simply pair with jeans and a heavy fabric jacket.  This style is made complete with the addition of lots of gold costume jewellery.

Trophy jumpers are making headlines again.  During Spring/Summer 2012 we saw oversized “boyfriend” jumpers as well as Sports luxe hooded sweaters.  You will need to take the next step for Autumn and search out jumpers with eye catching detail or colour.  Also, check out high street shops stocking heavy knits.  Basically, this trend is all about the jumper being the statement piece of your outfit whether that be the colour, knit, pattern or detail.  Keep these things in mind if you want to follow this particular trend.

Accessories again will be key.  Not only do you need to stock up on costume jewellery but belts are still on trend.  Simply add a belt to cinch in a coat, jacket, cardigan etc and remember to keep the belt skinny if you are pairing with a fur or bulky fabric coat to give you a better shape.

Make Up Free Giselle Bundchen

Some girls have all the luck!!  Not only is Giselle a multi millionairess supermodel, with a stunning figure, great boobs and legs up to her armpits but she has flawless skin to boot.

Giselle is the face of the new David Yurman campaign and she is posing …. wait for it ….. make up free!  Whilst most of us hide under the duvets and avoid mirrors in the morning, Giselle actually lets the photographer get up close and personal to her pores AND gets paid for it!

There’s no doubt about it, she’s a natural beauty.  Ah but to dream ….

It’s all about Cat Deeley ….

Cat was a guest on the panel of this week’s Fashion Police.  Have to say, the girl suits living in the US!  She looks so fresh and for being a blonde, her hair is so glossy and shiny.  Would love to know what she uses!!

But it’s not just the hair, her skin is glowing and she has such a natural laid back approach when it comes to fashion.  I believe she fully supports the high street and likes mixing designer pieces with simple t-shirts and trousers which can picked up at H&M, Topshop and Zara.

‘My first thing I do is go and hoover around Topshop’ explains Cat, I really miss it, I’m a total high street girl. I like to mix it all up, bit of designer and high street, French Connection and Monsoon, and no one does high street as good as here.’

She also doesn’t hire a stylist!  Now that really is going against the grain in America.  All celebrities these days (apart from Britney that is) have stylists on board with them so it’s refreshing that Cat is confident in her own ability to know what suits her shape and what works best on her figure.

Cat has definitely become leaner since moving to the US.  She never had a particularly curvaceous shape to be fair but her limbs and torso look so lithe at the moment.  Maybe her engagement and pending wedding to Paddy Kielty has something to do with it …..

Victoria Beckham – Style Icon

I have to hand it to VB, this lady has style.  Not only has she managed to shirk the “Posh Spice” title for which she was renowned, but the world has now embraced her as a leading and legitimate fashion designer.

I have listened to a few celebrity interviews on TV and they all seem to applaud VB for her ability to design clothes that flatter “all” types of women, whether they have curves or emulate an ironing board.  Would you ever have thought that Eva Longoria and Carol Voderman could wear the exact same dress just in different sizes and both look absolutely fantastic??  True testament to VB’s skills as a designer.

I remember the American press absolutely hammered VB when she first arrived on US soil with David.  They laughed at her high heels and Hermes bag combinations when watching her sons play school soccer.  They were perplexed by the fact that she constantly looked sour in pictures.  They all debated whether she was “too thin”.  And now it seems, America has finally embraced Victoria Beckham.  She must feel so triumphant, especially when they gave her such a hard time.

I do think David Beckham will always be seen as the “Golden Child” of the relationship, but VB has done well to cement her talents and skills to a doubting public.  Well done VB!

Mancunian Fashion anyone?

Heading to Manchester today for the weekend and was really unsure what to pack for two reasons …. the uncertainty of the weather and also what is Mancunian Fashion?

Looking at the forecast it’s going to be a mixture of rain, sunny spells and the odd break of thunder!  Therefore, thought it best to go with layers for each outfit and that way I can add or remove layers depending on the weather.

However, when it came to Manc’s Fashion I was really unsure.  What do folks in Manchester wear?  I always hear comparisons to Liverpool so have packed some sparkly numbers just in case.  I went for a spray tan with Gelish last night and decided to go for a natural/medium tan rather than the full oompa loompa look.  I have hairspray packed and plenty of Mac eyeshadow for a smoky eye.  I think I’ve got all bases covered and will let you all know how I got on!!