Top Tip for straying eyebrows ….

Keep eyebrows under control with clear mascara!  I discovered this tip a few months ago and it’s so easy to incorporate into your daily beauty routine.

Using the clear mascara wand means you can groom your brows into a beautiful arch or simply keep those pesky stray hairs under control.

The best thing about using clear mascara on your brows is that when it drys, it hardens so it’s almost like you have hairspray on your eyebrows.  They stay in place the whole day if you use this tip.

So don’t be sucked in by over priced techniques and “special” brow grooming brushes and kits, all you need is a Collection 2000 clear mascara at £1.99!

Remember that if you are applying to brows after you’d applied foundation then the mascara will become cloudy and need replaced after a couple of months.

What do Joan Rivers, Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe all have in common?

……………… their love of costume jewellery!!  Joan has her own collection and thriving business which she showcases on Fashion Police every week. If you can think back to The Hills series, you’ll remember that Olivia got the job with Elle magazine within the Accessories Department! Rachel is on a whole different level with a collection of jewellery which boasts vintage chanel.

I don’t for one minute think we can all rush out and start building up a collection of Chanel or Dior pieces from the 30s BUT going to antique fairs and also auctions may be a good starting off point to pick up some one off pieces.

Remember you are looking for statement pieces of jewellery.  Think ornate, coloured stones ….. and most importantly you must love the piece itself.  This is the biggest part of building up a collection as there will come a time when you have to pass onto a friend or family member and wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a story to tell about each piece?  The beauty of strong, statement pieces of jewellery means that you can bring the simpliest of white t-shirt or black cardi to life!  If your jewellery “looks” expensive then you will look expensive.

A good tip to also bear in mind is never to buy a piece of jewellery to go with a particular outfit.  The jewellery must be the statement, therefore, you pick this first and then build the outfit around it.  This means that you won’t associate the piece of jewellery with just one outfit and will get more wear out of it.

Also raid your mother and grandmother’s closets.  They are bound to be coming down with costume jewellery which they probably forgot about and haven’t worn in years.

Happy costume jewellery shopping!!!

Bethanny Frankel and the baby weight battle …

I have read so many articles and listened to interviews on this subject and there are very mixed opinions out there.

Bethanny Frankel, Beyonce, Gisele, Abbey Clancy, Victoria Secret models Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosiol to name but a few, all lost their baby weight in record time.  Bethanny apparently lost 29 of the 35 lbs she put on during pregnancy in just THREE WEEKS!  That’s fantastic right?  Mmm maybe not.  I think it’s great that they have been determined and motivated to get back into their pre pregnancy size 4/6 jeans but I also think it’s sad that so much pressure is placed onto these women to lose vast amounts of weight in a very short space of time.  Do they really want to do it for themselves OR is the real reason because of sponsorship deals and endorsements?  Take Jessica Simpson for example whom they say put on a whopping 60 lbs during her pregnancy.  She is now the new face of Weightwatchers, so on top of looking after a brand new baby and all that entails she now has to be completely focussed on her diet and work out routine.  Isn’t this all just abit much?  Or is it too much for the “ordinary” woman and not so for celebrities?  After all they do have fitness trainors on tap and I’m sure not many of them are domestic goddesses in the kitchen, surely there’s a trained chef lurking beside the fridge?  Regardless of this, we read about and see these women everywhere so like it or not we do begin to think of this absurd obsessive pressure to be thin post pregnancy as “normal” behaviour.  Unfortunately, the result is that mommies to be out there establish unrealistic expectations when it comes to losing their baby weight.  On the other side of the coin, I do realise that column inches drive these women and it’s part of their role as a celebrity so perhaps this is simply more important than enjoying the first few months of motherhood.

Top Tips for Beach Fashion

No point in writing paragraphs here, there really are just a few simple guidelines to follow ………

A smaller bikini = A smaller body, but remember not to go too small!  No bulges please.

The Monokini = perfect means of disguising a tummy bulge, stretch marks or scars.  But beware of uneven tan lines with this one.

Go for Black = this is thee most slimming colour and you can easily brighten things up by adding coloured accessories.

Accessories = multiple neck beads, large statement ear-rings or a hat are best but just pick one!  Don’t forget about your feet either ….. I recommend wedge sandals for added height and they will lengthen your leg.

Sunglasses = always a must!

High Factor = simply because sunburn is never attractive.

Waterproof mascara = highly recommended

Dye eyelashes and eyebrows before holiday = a must have if you are blonde or fair haired.

Just follow these few basic rules and you’re good to go!

It’s official! Blake Lively has cellulite!

Ladies everywhere, we can heave a big sigh of relief …. she actually is human! I know it’s actually pretty mean to relish in the fact that Blake shows she also suffers from the most common lumps and bumps that we all have but seeing “those” pics somehow made me feel happier inside. I blogged about Blake last week who looked absolutely stunning and yes she absolutely is a gorgeous looking girl, there’s no doubt about that.  We constantly compare ourselves to the Hollywood celebrities of today but this just goes to show that without spanx, a hair and make up artist …. well …. they essentially look just like us! Praise the Lord. Don’t know about you girls but I definitely won’t feel as self conscious donning a bikini on holiday for ever more.

Recreate 40s style like Blake Lively

Remember ladies, it’s all in the details!  Your look can not be completed unless your accessories, make up and hair all compliment your chosen outfit. There seems to be a revival of the glamorous 40s era amongst the Hollywood stars at the moment.  “Rita Hayworth” hair for example, is demonstrated beautifully and to full effect by Blake Lively in this photo.  Idea is if your dress/outfit is busy and is a “statement” piece then you need to keep your hair simple.  Let the dress speak for itself.  This look is very easy to recreate at home with a pair of large barrell tongs.  Hair needs to be in great condition, so make sure to use a hair masque the night before or even some shine spray to really make the style pop.

I know I have blogged about this a few times before …. but …. the red lip is definitely back!  MAC have a great selection of red lippies and as this brand is renowned for its use by stage performers it has great staying power!  Remember to blot and reapply the lipstick a couple of times so that it won’t move or bleed into your make up.  There are loads of sites online which advise on the best way to apply lipstick.  Check out You tube as well for really helpful demonstrations.  When you think about it, the 40s were post war years when money was scarce so a simple red lip and hair style really did make all the difference.  Obviously, we are not in post war times at the moment, but the recesssion is making everyone tighten their belts somewhat, so rather than buy a whole new outfit for Saturday night, why not not simply change your hair and make up to create a new look.

We end with a bang …. a bad one!

This is my last post on this week’s episode of Fashion Police!  Again the panel’s choice for worst dressed was bang on in my opinion. Keira Knightly looked horrendous. I know we are so jealous of celebrities, especially of girls like Keira who are so slim with beautiful faces that they could wear anything and look good, right? Not the case this week in her embroidered Valentino gown. Is this really the best dress that she could’ve picked? Come on, she has designers clambering over themselves to dress her and this is what she chose? Quoting Joan and the team, this dress looked like something “you’d find floating in the toilet after eating pimento.” Not only was the colour dead on her pale skin, but she looked miserable waering it! God I thought Victoria Beckham looks in the depths of depression most of the time but Keira was on a whole new level in this dress. I do have to agree with Kelly in that this was a beautiful dress, as the embroidery was very intricate but because Keira had gone with a nude lip rather than a youthful, brighter lipstick, it looked dead from head to toe. Keira beat Britney Spears who wore an ill fitting “trailer park top”, ugg boots and daisy duke shorts to be worst dressed this week which kinda says it all really.

Fashion Crime

We start to focus a little more on the negative side of Fashion Police today. Clint Eastwood’s daughter (I don’t actually even remember her name or want to for that matter) tried to defend herself from the onslaught by George and the panel when they showed a photo taken by her celebrity photographer boyfriend of her burning a £100K Hermes handbag. When asked “Why in God’s name, why?” she didn’t really have a particularly good answer. I was pretty disappointed in her response that “once her boyfriend has an idea he has to roll with it.” How lame! She then went onto say that people misinterpreted the message of the photo as being “anti-materialism” which was wrong because the real message was that “it’s just a bag that carries things …. we place too much emphasis on things like bags ……… so actually I guess the photo was kind of anti-materialism.” What!! Seriously, if you’re going to defend a photo that outraged thousands of people especially when George quite rightly pointed out that it could have been auctioned to raise money for charity, at least have a bloody good reason for why you did it in the first place! I don’t know how anyone could take this girl seriously after such statements.

You gotta love Kylie!

Day two of my Fashion Police Blog …. we look at this week’s guest, Kylie Minogue. This girl just doesn’t seem to age! I know we have read in the press that she’s a fan of Botox but regardless of your opinion on extreme treatments such as Botox, you have to admit she looks amazing! I think Kylie handled the whole “sloppy seconds to Halle Berry” comment when Joan referred to Kylie’s ex, Olivier Martinez, very well. You could tell she so wanted to say more but in typical Kylie fashion, she refrained and was very gracious. Politeness aside, she looked youthful in a very simple black dress and a darker blonde in her hair. Looking different again to the night in Cannes when she shone in a sequin dress (I posted about this last week) but still rocking those amazing gold spike louboutins! Proving quality footwear can bring even the simpliest black dress alive. Not all of us can afford Louboutins I know, but if you also take the example of Eva Longoria who the panel looked at this week as well, she rocked a pair of statement shoes in fuchsia. So don’t keep that pair of shoes you paid a small fortune for in their box, wear them! Get the best out of them and enjoy how good they make you feel. As Toni Collette says in the film In her shoes – “Clothes never look any good, food just makes me fatter but shoes …. always fit.”

Week Long Tribute to Fashion Police

My blogs over the next few days are devoted to this week’s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers. I simply love this show!

So I start today’s blog on a positive note …. best dressed pick of the week – Emma Stone, at the premiere of the new Spider Man movie. Dressed in Gucci she was described by George and Kelly as “total perfection”. The gothic theme is big on the runways of Gucci and indeed Dolce & Gabana at the moment so Emma is bang on trend. The “screen siren” won best dressed as the panel agreed she was sexy without being too revealing. There was a high slit in the dress but the layer of chiffon just toned the level of this down. The subtleness of mesh on the decolletage again meant the dress kept you guessing. You knew there was sex appeal all over this but it left you wanting more. The make up and hair again matched the gothic theme beautifully with a dark eye and burgundy lips, thus completing the look. A very well deserved best dressed award. Well done Emma!