Singing in the Rain

Anyone looking out at that shockingly awful rain, sleet, wind and hailstones today would be depressed! So why not book an appointment with Belle Dress Hire and cheer yourself up. If you have a summer ball, school formal, wedding, black tie event or any other special occasion on the horizon we would love to help find you a dress to beat these weather blues!

Coming soon …

Belle will be seeing new stock arrive over the next few weeks. There is already a wide selection available for hire so if you have a special event coming up please come and visit us! Check out for terms, conditions and how to book an appointment.

Style for every occasion

I have had a few enquiries recently, asking if Belle has dresses suited for bridesmaids. The answer is definitely yes! I have a wide variety of styles, colours and fabrics available to choose from. All Belle dresses come from London and can be ordered in any size on many occasions by overnight delivery.
I understand it’s very difficult to find bridesmaids dresses which are different and won’t cost a fortune, so book an appointment with Belle and I would be delighted to show you what I have to offer for your special day.

Feeling Fabulous ….

Belle Dress Hire sympathises with the fact that not many women can afford to wear a designer frock at every event.
Not to worry! Belle Dress Hire, located in Lisburn, will ensure you find the perfect dress at your one to one appointment which will fit like a glove and make you look and feel like a film star.
Belle understands the fears, concerns and insecurities involved with finding the perfect dress and our mission is to help you look your best so you dont have to worry about anything else but having a fabulous experience at your upcoming event.

What is going on???

A few days ago the weather was absolutely gorgeous in Lisburn.  Guys were walking around Belfast with their tops off showing guinness fuelled pot bellies and girls were wearing shorts and skirts as short as they dared! So what has happened?  All of a sudden there is a chill in the air and even talk of snow on the way.

When the weather is more up and down than Chris Moyles mood swings, I would suggest layering.  By simply putting a few layers on you can add and take off depending on just how warm or cold you get. Layers do not have to be boring and can actually really make an outfit “pop” if you get it right. Layers also offer you the opportunity to add some colour whether clashing or complimentary.

So experiment with layers until the Belfast weather sorts itself out!

Summer Sorbet

According to Joan Rivers and the team at Fashion Police at E!, sorbet colours will be all the rage for Spring/Summer.

At Belle Dress Hire we have some of the most gorgeous colours available for hire.  Think sugary rose pink, tantalising tangerine, icy white ….. basically the dresses are as delicious as they sound!

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