It’s simply black and white!

I have had this beautiful black and white dress at Belle for awhile now.  People have been put off by it’s brazen and bold simplicity, besides they have been much more impressed with the nearby twinkle of crystals and sequin.

So I was delighted when the young Milly dared to try on this gorgeous monochrome style for her school formal.  This dress must be worn on somebody tall so that the lighter side panels hit the waist and hips at just the right point.  Milly had a beautiful, elongated torso therefore the dress looked stunning on her.  I was delighted to hear that she and date won the coveted “Best Dressed Couple” award at the formal.

When Milly came to see me she had no make-up on and was dressed very casually with hair in a ponytail.  I knew the dress would be fabulous but even I was blown away when I saw this photo of her ……….

milly 00

Girls, sometimes it pays to be brave and wear something different, something unexpected.        Remember you want to stand out at your formal, not blend in.  Take a risk and chose a dress that you love not one that you think other people will like.

Winning Dress Once Again For Belle Dress Hire!

A lovely lady contacted Belle Dress Hire last week to arrange an appointment for her daughter.  When I asked if she needed directions, I was somewhat surprised when she said, “Yes, definitely need directions, don’t know Lisburn too well as we’re from Co. Monaghan.”  I have had ladies visit from as far as Coleraine, Kilkeel, Newry ….. but a 2 hour drive from across the border showed immense dedication in the quest for an evening dress!

During the appointment, I soon realised the reason why there was such a need to travel for a full length formal gown.  The lovely Orla was to complete in the Glaslough Rose competition which is part of the annual Glaslough Fete in Co. Monaghan.

As this was Orla’s first time taking part in such an event, finding the perfect dress was extremely important.  There were four KEY things to bear in mind to ensure it was the right style  …

Number one and the most important – the FIT of the dress which I always tell my customers is the most critical thing to consider when choosing an evening dress.

Number two was MODESTY as she’s a beautiful yet young girl, I needed both herself and mum to be comfortable with the level of flesh on show.

Number three was UNIQUENESS of the dress as it was imperative that Orla stood out on stage from other competitors.

And finally number four was COMFORTABILITY so that ease of movement would not be a challenge.

After numerous dress changes, we all agreed on the very first dress that Orla tried on!  I can’t tell you how many times that happens.  This stunning dress from Paris, fitted Orla to absolute perfection.  It met her curves without clinging and the sheer tulle bottom kept the style young and modern.  The shorter hemline was just that, short yet modest and the embellished beadwork ensured that the dress would sparkle under stage lights.

I was not surprised one bit when Orla’s mum told me that she won BEST DRESSED ROSE category at the competition and they were coming back this week to choose her formal dress!

Congratulations Orla and family who I’m sure are very proud of you.

Rose 2014 001

Best Dressed Rose, Glaslough Rose 2014.

Green Goddess at Star Ball!

A very special customer of mine, Cathy Lawe, shone brightly at the Star Ball a few weekends ago which was held in the amazing Titanic Building in Belfast.


Not only did Cathy’s outer beauty shine through in this stunning lime green dress but from the inside as well as this is one of the most fantastic women I have met in a very long time.

Back to fashion!  Cathy was the very first customer to wear this gorgeous dress with ruffled flowers across the bust and shoulder. I think maybe the bright colour has perhaps put some ladies off trying this on previously but Cathy completely embraced the lime green, in fact it was the first dress to catch her eye on the rail!

As this style flares out from just above the waist means that the bodice ends at the smallest part of your body before flowing down to the ground.  The pop of colour on the lip compliments this dress perfectly and because of the bright colour, Cathy has decided to let the dress speak for itself by keeping accessories to a minimum.

I think you’ll all agree that Cathy is a seriously Yummy Mummy!!


Would YOU wear this dress??

From the back, the dress actually looks very regal and is offset beautifully by Selita Ebanks gorgeous skin tone.  Therefore, you will be totally amazed when you see the front view … Seriously!!!!  I just want to quickly quote someone standing beside me looking at a pic of this dress right now, “Why not just wear a sign look at me!”  How can this possibly have ever been considered as a fashionable choice of evening wear by Selita or her stylist?  This looks so tacky.  It also looks like she can’t move very well and let’s be honest if she were to turn too quickly to the right, she’d be exposing parts of her body that are supposed to be kept discrete!

I know sheer panels are a BIG trend this season and we have already seen Gwyneth Paltrow in a very revealing similar style of dress before which divided the critics.

However, this white dress worn by Selita takes sheer fabric to a whole new level which to be frank just looks cheap.  She also is wearing far too much make up which is making her look really harsh in the face.  All in all this look bombs and the “Legendary Phoenix” from Kanye West’s film, Runaway unfortunately is “legendary” in this get up BUT for ALL the wrong reasons!

It’s all about the back!!!

Girls get your spot remover creams and loofah’s at the ready!  Even though we are approaching autumn, it’s official, you need to get your back out!

Naked skin from behind was everywhere at the TV Choice Awards which were held in London’s Dorchester Hotel.

Although, do yourself a favour and DO NOT mimic Louise Thompson, from Made in Chelsea and invest in a decent spray tan!!

When you think about it, this is a really clever way of baring some skin without flashing your boobs or indeed abit of leg!

Also, it’s classy and indeed brilliant because whilst our wardrobe in mid September begins to accommodate trousers, jumpers, leather boots, scarves and tights ….. we can still be sexy on a night out simply by showing a little skin on our back!

Easily covered by a coat, short jacket or even a pashmina on the way into a bar or nightclub when it gets really cold, this is the perfect solution to keeping stylish and sexy over the next few weeks as the temperature dips.

I have been lucky enough to attend a black tie event at The Dorchester Hotel before and I have to say it’s an absolutely stunning red carpet venue.  If you have a special event coming up soon in Bangor, Belfast, Lisburn or elsewhere in Northern Ireland, check out a few of these, as Sharon Osbourne would say “fabulous” backless dresses available at Belle Dress Hire …

1170s-front-medium1170s-close-upMeganMegan 2Wwhite back



Belle Does Short!!!

I am always trying to keep the dresses available at Belle Dress Hire current and on trend as much as possible so I am pleased to announce that a few shorter length styles are now available to hire!  Normally, I always recommend that full length dresses are worn to black tie events, but if you did fancy showing abit of leg to your next event, check out these gorgeous styles which would be excellent for parties or weddings …

This is a fantastic little party dress with a boned, beaded, corseted top and fuller, tulle skirt. The colour is a rich valencia red with a sheen to it.  Available to hire in a size 8.



Then we go even shorter with this fabulous, gold, sequin cocktail dress.  The shape is very flattering but you need to be very tiny to wear this little size 6 number!  The dress is very well boned and the sequin fabric is heavy and of an excellent quality so it sits on the body extremely well.

Gold Short Cocktail

If you perhaps fancied something a tad longer in length to the knee in a really pretty style, just look at this gorgeous blossom pink, strapless dress.  I have tried this style on myself and would love to be invited somewhere to wear it!!  It’s so so very pretty!  Again, this dress is very flattering as it pulls in at the waist and then flares out into a fuller, net lined skirt to just above the knee.  This style would look fab at a wedding or an outdoor daytime event.  This is currently available to hire at Belle Dress Hire in a size 8/10.

Soft Pink Short Size 8

A Roar at Face of NI 2013!!


Face of NI 2013 Finalist, Sarah Hughes. Photo kindly supplied by Image 31 Photography.

Face of NI 2013 Finalist, Sarah Hughes came to Belle Dress Hire looking for a dress that would stand out on the catwalk for the evening wear round of the competition which took place at the Canal Court Hotel in Newry last month and I believe she achieved that in this amazing leopard print dress.

This sensational style comes from Paris and is ultimately set off by a red satin trim across the bust and on the lining of the dress.  The small diamante detail at the waist just adds a little extra glamour!  This dress is extremely well shaped so it hugs the figure in all the right places.

Just a few things to remember when wearing animal print of any kind  especially as evening wear ..

1) Do not clash with other animal prints, patterns or clashing colours.

2) Keep accessories to a minimum.  It should be all about the dress!

3) Go for good quality fabric.

Leopard print is sometimes associated with being a little tacky buy hey if it’s good enough for Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez then it’s bloody well good enough for us!!

Finally, and most importantly, wear leopard print with confidence, hold your head high and give a roar if you want to!!!





Glee-orious Dress!!


Fancy looking like Lea Michele in her stunning Oscar De La Renta Gown at your next big event?  Well, unfortunately this designer dress will probably set you back a few thousand pounds which is a deposit on a car!!  So use your head and contact Belle Dress Hire for an appointment to try on this fabulous dress which comes from Paris.  For just £70 hire fee you can echo Lea’s designer style ….


Face of NI Finalist, Lisa Coulter. Photo kindly supplied by Image 31 Photography.

My fabulous customer, Lisa Coulter chose this dress to wear for the Evening Wear round of the 2013 Face of Northern Ireland competition, which was recently held in the Canal Court Hotel, Newry.  The shape and silhouette of this dress is exactly the same as Lea Michele’s designer frock right down to the layered skirt.  Granted the colour is not a definite match as the Belle Dress Hire gown is more of a green with navy blue tones than a solid navy block colour but we’re talking a price difference of thousands here ladies!!!  Lisa has teamed the dress with a beautiful beaded necklace but you could also wear very long, heavy ear rings instead of a necklace.

This dress at Belle Dress Hire is a personal favourite of mine.  It is so well shaped and looks chic, elegant and what I love most is the fact that it’s different to the more typical slinky evening gowns that the majority of ladies wear.  This dress is available to hire in a size 6/8.

Many thanks again to Lisa for choosing Belle Dress Hire and also to Image 31 Photography.


Long time no see, Prince!

I’ve been told by the many, avid male readers of my blog, that although Belle Dress Hire doesn’t offer dress hire to men currently, I should post more about the male gender and not focus on lovely ladies all of the time so here we go!!

Born Prince Rogers Nelson on 7, 1958, he has amazed us during his illustrious career as a singer producing 10 platinum albums and always being a fashion icon.

We haven’t seen much of Prince in the press as of late so I was delighted to see recent photos emerge of his appearance in Stockholm, Sweden at the weekend.  And he didn’t disappoint in his choice of style either!  At a tiny 5ft 2in tall, it’s no surprise that Prince needs a few extra inches when it comes to height so you should check out his satin, white, wooden high heeled shoes!!  You would think, only Prince could possibly pull these off, right???  The idea of these boots would look ridiculous on anyone else surely???  Well the answer would be NO because “Man Heels” are extremely popular at the moment!   Long term lover of “built in heels” Tom Cruise, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Marc Jacob, Robert Downey Jr ……. the list goes on!





Lindsay Lohan … should we feel sympathetic?

After finally completing a proper stint in rehab, Lindsay was put on the spot, no I don’t mean her polka dot spotty shoes in this instance but she was faced with some very hard hitting questions in an interview with Oprah this week.

I haven’t seen the interview myself but when I looked at the photos the TV channel has released, a few things struck me as very poignant.  On a humorous note, why the hell can Lindsay not find a supportive bra??  Her boobs look like they are sagging to her stomach!  I know she has a large bust, but there is no excuse for them looking like the breasts of an elderly pensioner.  This is not flattering at all and I just don’t know why she continues to wear such bad underwear.

But on a more serious note,  sadness was in her eyes. Please try not to focus on the obviously plumped up trout pout but look deep into her eyes.  She looks like a lost child.  I know she’s an actress but no one can “act” this type of emotion into their eyes …..

After repeated headlines, brushes with the law, theft, car crash photos of her stumbling out of clubs etc, I began to lose all empathy for Lindsay.  To me, she kept hitting the self destruct button and yet there is a small part of me that really wishes this troubled, young woman can make a comeback.